About The Archive

The Ronald Grant Archive holds one of the largest and most varied private collections of high quality film and cinema related images available today.

With over 1 million colour and black and white images from more than 50,000 British, US, European and World Cinema titles, our material is a unique and widely respected international resource covering the history of cinema from before 1896 to the present day

Our cinema collection includes film star portraits and character actors, as well as an extensive poster and lobby card collection, a specialist film industry section of production shots and film industry figures, and outstanding examples of animation, special effects and stunts.

We also have images of British and US TV programmes and personalities, variety and musical performers, popular and classical musicians, singers and songwriters, as well as song sheets and theatre related material.

The Archive works closely with The Cinema Museum, a unique collection of cinema objects, artefacts and images documenting the history of film distribution and exhibition. We have images of cinema interiors and exteriors, cinema audiences and queues, as well as examples of cinema staff uniforms and lobby décor, projectors and film formats, publicity and memorabilia. The museum also holds a comprehensive library of film and cinema related books, periodicals, publications and other documents.