search tips

All picture files on our system have descriptive text that will help you find them and identify them. You just need to know how to find what you are looking for. This guide gives you a quick introduction on how to search and some tips to help you get exactly what you want.

If you are returning too many hits, try refining your search using Advanced Search

Wildcard characters.
If you are not sure of the exact spelling of the search subject name you can use the wildcard characters * and ? to search for partial words.

The question mark ? can be used in place of any single character. For example b?n would give you bun, ban, bin, ben, byn and bon.

The asterisk * replaces any or no characters. For example, placed before plane (with no space between i.e. *plane) it would return plane, aeroplane, airplane, aquaplane etc. Placed immediately after a letter or word (again, no space should be left, i.e. plane*) it would return plane, planet, planetarium, planetary etc. You can, of course, combine their use. So T?p* would return, among other things, TopFoto

Boolean Operators
You can also use the Boolean (or logical) operators and, or and not. ‘ John and Mariah’ matches all files with both words.‘ not Robert’ matches all files that do not contain the word Robert.‘ John or Robert or Mariah’ matches all files that have one or more of the names.‘ John or (Robert and Mariah)’ finds files with the word john or both the words Robert and Mariah.

You can combine both the wildcard characters with the Boolean operators.