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Gallery 1
Film Stills
Our archive holds 1 million colour and black & white film stills from more than 50,000 British, U.S., European and World Cinema titles from the beginning of film in 1896 to the present day. This includes a large collection of original colour cinema lobby cards and front of house stills.

Gallery 2
We have thousands of portraits of film stars and character actors from the earliest days of cinema to the present. We also have portraits of television personalities, popular entertainers, musicians and singers, as well as a large collection of late 19th and early 20th century theatre and vaudeville actors.

Gallery 3
We have thousands of film posters from around the world, many in different formats, going back to beginning of cinema. We also have many foreign language versions of U.S. and European film posters (e.g., French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese).We have examples of film poster artwork and a large collection of original film related publicity imagery.

Gallery 4
Our extensive collection includes thousands of images of directors from Britain, the US, Europe and the world: both portraits and on-set shots of them directing.

Gallery 5
Film Industry
We have a unique archive of images relating to film production. From portraits of film industry figures - studio heads, producers, cinematographers, scriptwriters, cinema pioneers - to on-set and off-set production shots showing all aspects of film making.

Gallery 6
From the first silent movies to the latest CGI blockbusters, the cinema has produced an extraordinary pictorial history of mankind. Our extensive keyword search will help source the perfect images to illustrate countless situations, activities, ideas, emotions, objects and historical incidents.

Gallery 7
SFX Stunts Animation
We have a great selection of sfx and stunts with many production shots showing how these are created. Our archive holds everything from make-up artists to computer generated imagery, from car crash explosions to horse transfers. We also have an excellent collection of cinema and television animation with images from Britain, Europe, the US and from around the world.

Gallery 8
We have a superb collection of images documenting the history of cinema distribution and exhibition. Images of cinema interiors and exteriors, cinema audiences and queues, as well as
examples of cinema staff uniforms and lobby décor, projectors and film formats, sound tracks, film spools and film cans, publicity and memorabilia. We also have a unique collection of the actual objects and artefacts themselves.