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Welcome to our website. Once you click on “ACCEPT”, these terms and conditions will constitute a legal agreement between you and the Ronald Grant Archive ("The Ronald Grant Archive") governing your use of this Site and of any images you download.
In these terms, a “low resolution image” means an image of 72dpi or less

General terms

1. All elements of the Ronald Grant Archive website (“the Site”, including the content, are protected by copyright and other laws relating to intellectual property rights. Except as permitted under these terms, or another written agreement with The Ronald Grant Archive, no portion of this site or its content may be copied or retransmitted via any means. All related rights shall remain the property of The Ronald Grant Archive or the relevant rights holder. You shall indemnify The Ronald Grant Archive against any losses, expenses, costs or damages incurred by any or all of them as a result of your breach of these terms.

Terms applicable to your use of Images you download

2. By registering you gain the ability and the right to download low resolution images from the site. There is no fee for downloading such images (referred to as “Images” in these terms).

3. The acquisition of any Image as a result of an on-line search on the site confers no right to use it. The right to use an image is conferred only when an order is placed and fee agreed with the Ronald Grant Archive for high resolution images which are supplied by e-mail, in which case the relevant terms and conditions for picture supply apply.

4. You may not store, copy or transmit Images without permission of the Ronald Grant Archive. [Any Images or copies of Images stored by you are to be recorded and labelled with the Image reference used by the Archive as an integral part of the image file, and held on an electronic database under Customer’s sole possession and control.]

5 You must further satisfy yourself that all necessary rights or consent that may be required for reproduction are obtained and that the use of any images is not obscene, indecent, libellous or unlawful. The Ronald Grant Archive makes no claim or warranty with respect to your use of content with names, text, people, trademarks or copyright material depicted in an Image.

6 You shall destroy all Images and any copies or records of the Images held on a database within 90 days of the date of downloading the Image.

Other terms

7. Disclaimer - The Ronald Grant Archive shall not be liable for any loss or damage suffered by you or by any third party arising from use or reproduction of any Image. In no event shall the Ronald Grant Archive be liable for indirect or consequential damages.

8. English law This agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English courts.