Brian Scalabrine on whether Jayson Tatum coud score 80 points in a game with the Boston Celtics

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Former Boston Celtics big man and current Celtics broadcaster Brian Scalabrine recently sat down with Landon Buford of “Inside The Suns” for an interview that touched on whether star Boston wing Jayson Tatum could score 80 points in a game amid the league’s offensive revolution.

The pair also touched on last season’s chatter about splitting Tatum and teammate Jaylen Brown in light of their play and a bunch of other snapshots of NBA history from the White Mamba’s time as a player and playing against the likes of Steve Nash.

To hear Scal’s tales of the league of yesteryear and what he thinks of the Celtics’ stars as Boston looks poised for another run at an NBA title this season, check out the clip embedded below courtesy of the Landon Buford YouTube channel.

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