March 25, 2023

Several of my recent articles have analyzed the dangers of Covid vaxxing for working-age populations, concluding that the risks were probably minimal except for the obese.

This analysis prompted a couple of leading anti-vaxxers to declare that the elderly were actually the group at greatest risk from the mRNA Covid vaccines, so on Monday I published an article focusing on that demographic segment.

My approach was a very simple one. I noted that by a very wide margin, Japan had the highest percentage of the elderly, and that the country had also implemented one of the world’s most extreme Covid vaccination programs. Yet Japan’s excess mortality was remarkably low, especially relative to the size of its vulnerable, elderly population.

So if the oldest, most heavily vaccinated country in the world has had very low mortality rates, the Covid vaccines probably aren’t too dangerous for the aged.


In that current article, I had also included a couple of asides to Steve Kirsch, a leading anti-vaxxer. I noted that my earlier pieces had strongly challenged some of his theories on the dangers of vaxxing but after two weeks he still hadn’t yet responded to my analysis as he had originally said he might.

Perhaps stung by my remarks, Kirsch dropped me a short note yesterday morning, including a chart of Japan’s excess mortality statistics drawn from the Our World in Data website. He pointed out that although Japan had little obesity, its deaths had sharply risen over the last year and suggested that this debunked my analysis.

Excess Mortality in Japan

However, when I looked at his chart, I noticed something entirely different.

According to Wikipedia, Japan had begun its mRNA vaxxing campaign—perhaps the heaviest in the world—in February 2021. Yet for the next twelve months, there was absolutely no rise in Japanese mortality. So according to Kirsch’s own chart, a full year of massive vaxxing had produced no additional Japanese deaths, directly contradicting Kirsch’s theories.

During that period, the island of Japan had successfully avoided any significant number of Covid infections, but in early 2022, the ultra-contagious Omicron variant finally entered the country and rapidly spread, soon infecting tens of millions. Only at that point did Japanese mortality begin rising, eventually reaching levels much lower than those in obese America, but noticeably higher than before.

This raises a more general issue. In most countries and time periods, Covid infections and vaxxing are both widespread so it is therefore difficult to determine which was primarily responsible for any deaths that occur. Therefore, we should focus our analysis on the limited subset of situations in which either Covid infections or vaxxing are found but not both together, and consider the resulting excess deaths.

In one example of this, my articles have noted that America saw a very substantial rise in fatal heart attacks and strokes during 2020, a period prior to the start of the vaxxing campaign:

Meanwhile, the island of Japan had successfully maintained a zero-Covid policy in 2021, and despite a massive vaxxing campaign during that year, had experienced no increase in deaths.

In general, East Asia had very effectively controlled Covid cases during that period, and several other countries in the region also maintained zero-Covid policies during 2021, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, and New Zealand. The same website that Kirsch used for Japan also provides the excess mortality statistics for those four other countries, which I am displaying below:

Excess Mortality in Taiwan

Excess Mortality in Hong Kong

Excess Mortality in Australia

Excess Mortality in New Zealand

All of these countries began their heavy mRNA vaxxing campaigns in early 2021, but they recorded no excess mortality during that entire year. Just as in the case of Japan, their deaths only rose in early 2022 after they abandoned their zero-Covid policies and Omicron or other variants swept through their populations.

So the examples of these five countries all demonstrate that in the absence of Covid infections, a full year of massive vaxxing produces no additional deaths. Kirsch and his allies believe that vaxxing is highly dangerous, so how do they explain this?

In several countries, the arrival of Covid infections happened to roughly coincide with one of the later booster campaigns, so anti-vaxxers sometimes point to the latter as having been responsible for the deaths. But my impression is that Covid booster shots are pretty similar to those used for the initial vaccinations. It’s possible that the only third or fourth Covid injection leads to an increased risk of death, but I think the Covid infections that suddenly appeared for the first time are far more likely to have been responsible for what occurred.


Now consider a related matter. I’m not a medical expert and until a few weeks ago, I don’t think I’d ever heard the word “myocarditis,” a type of heart disease. But recently that term has exploded in popularity across the Internet, driven by the chatter of agitated anti-vaxxers, who blame the increase in that dangerous condition upon mRNA Covid vaccines.

However, according to a recent journal article, a research study of the Scandinavian countries found that six times as many cases of myocarditis were apparently caused by Covid infections as by mRNA vaxxing:

Unsurprisingly, anti-vaxxers have sharply disputed these conclusions, questioning the methodology used and arguing that the reported incidents of myocarditis are much more likely due to the vaxxing rather than the infections.

But then our sharp-eyed Icelandic commenter Niceland raised a crucial point. The Scandinavian countries included a total population of 23 million and according to the study, they had experienced only a dozen deaths due to myocarditis during the years 2018-2022. So even if the study is mistaken and all those deaths should actually be attributed to mRNA vaxxing, the total number is absolutely insignificant. Thus, the risks of myocarditis due to vaxxing appear entirely negligible, at least in Scandinavia’s non-obese population.


Finally, this month also marks the one year anniversary of several of my podcast interviews on the origins of the Covid epidemic. These presented the strong perhaps overwhelming evidence that more than a million of our citizens have died from the blowback of a botched American biowarfare attack against China (and Iran).

Although Youtube seems to shadow-ban or otherwise suppress such controversial material, upstart Rumble does not, and the results on that platform have been excellent. My Rumble videos have now accumulated well over than three million views, including more than half a million just during the month of January, with one of my interviews breaking the million mark and two others likely to soon do the same. Glenn Greenwald is probably the most prominent journalist on Rumble, and although the comparison with his individual daily shows is obviously an unfair one, most of those have averaged around 100,000 views.

I can’t say what sort of impact my presentations have been having, but they do seem to at least be reaching a significant number of individuals.

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