March 29, 2023

The final boss of Dead Space Remake, the Hive Mind, challenges a player’s mastery of their weapon arsenal with small weak points and big area attacks.

The final act of Chapter 12 in Dead Space Remake sees players take on the final boss known as the Hive Mind, a massive amalgamation that represents the final Necromorph Isaac must beat before escaping Aegis VII and the events of the USG Ishimura. Unfortunately, this boss fight stands as a point of no return, so players do not have an opportunity to go back to a Store Kiosk or upgrade bench once the battle starts. However, a quick trip to either of these stations for final supplies or enhancements helps players get prepared for this challenging battle, especially if any spare power nodes or semiconductors are yet to be spent until this final chapter of the story.


Ammunition always remains a key factor in tackling this elevated enemy, as players should have their base four weapons fully equipped against the Hive Mind. With enough upgrades applied to Dead Space Remake‘s various weapons, players can have increased ammo capacity, damage, and reload speeds that improve their chances for victory. The best weapons to take into this boss fight are the iconic Plasma Cutter and the rapid-fire Plasma Rifle. While the former demands precise shots at the Hive Mind’s weak points, the latter gives players room to be less accurate with more shots at the cost of damage to create a balance between both weapons.

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How To Defeat The Hive Mind in Dead Space Remake

Dead Space Remake The Hive Mind Final Phase of Boss Fight Upside Down Aiming to Hit Final Yellow Cluster in Creature's Maw

When the initial cinematic introduces players to the Hive Mind, they are thrust into battle as the creature slams tentacles into the platform as its primary attack. Five glowing yellow eye clusters indicate weak spots on the Hive Mind, a similar experience to the Leviathan boss in Chapter 6. The player’s objective revolves around dealing enough damage with their weapons in Dead Space Remake to destroy every cluster. The Hive Mind grows increasingly desperate and starts slinging explosive clusters at Isaac after a time.

According to the Youtube channel FP Good Game, removing the eye clusters causes the Hive Mind to send Necromorph Slasher minions onto the platform, giving the player time to slow things down while taking out enemies and collecting supplies. This phase of the boss fight acts as a second-act reprieve despite the various enemies sent to attack Isaac throughout this section due to the variety of supply crates players can open on the platform while avoiding Slashers. When players defeat the Slashers, the final phase of the fight will begin with new changes in Dead Space Remake compared to the title’s 2008 counterpart.

The Hive Mind begins the last segment of this encounter by exposing its chest full of clusters, a spot players should immediately target. In addition to the continuous tentacle slams, the Hive Mind spews acid in lines that force Isaac into constricted spaces if players aren’t careful. Destroying all but one of the central clusters causes the Hive Mind to grab Isaac and throw the player upside down in a tentacle’s grip, forcing an awkward aim toward the last exposed piece of the creature. In order to beat the Hive Mind in Dead Space Remake, players must make a few precise shots on the final cluster, ending their nightmare once and for all once the last piece explodes.

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Source: YouTube/FP Good Game

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    EA Motive, developers of Star Wars Battlefront II’s campaign, handles the next chapter of Dead Space’s sci-fi horror with the remake of the original title, Dead Space. Set in the 26th century, engineer Isaac Clarke joins a team sent to investigate the recent radio silence that has fallen on the “planet cracker” vessel, the USG Ishimura. Isaac’s stake is personal, as the final distress signal came from Isaac’s girlfriend, Nicole Brennan. Unfortunately, their arrival is hardly welcoming, as the team is immediately besieged by mutated, undead versions of Ishimura’s crew members. To save Nicole, any survivors of the ship, and himself, Isaac must learn to adapt and dispatch his foes in seemingly less conventional ways. Like the original, the only way to kill the zombified crew is to cut off their limbs using weaponized engineering tools Isaac procures. The Dead Space remake will utilize some Dead Space 2 team members and will be released on January 27 2023.

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