March 29, 2023

Nicolas Cage is set to star in the upcoming survival action-thriller Arcadian, which now has a first-look image that teases some of the excitement and characters in the upcoming movie.

Arcadian, which is now currently in post-production after wrapping filming in Ireland, Arcadian is one of many Nicolas Cage movies currently on the slate. While Arcadian has no official release date just yet and is still in the editing phase, one can imagine it may be released at some point in 2023. Currently, this year at least has Cage in the western The Old Way and playing Count Dracula in the promising looking Renfield.

As per the official plot synopsis: “In a post-apocalyptic and sparsely populated world, Paul (Cage) and his twin teenage sons, Joseph (Jaeden Martell) and Thomas (Maxwell Jenkins), have managed to claw out an existence yet they live in constant fear. Until, confronted by imminent danger, they must execute a desperate plan to survive.” Martell may be best known for playing Bill in 2017’s It and its sequel, while Jenkins appeared in 2016’s A Family Man–not to be confused with the Cage-starring The Family Man (2000).

Arcadian is directed by Ben Brewer, who served as a visual effects artist for Everything Everywhere All at Once. Brewer made his directorial debut with 2016’s The Trust, which starred both Nicolas Cage and Elijah Wood. Our own Chris Bumbray gave it a respectable 7/10, saying it was “a modest film but a well-crafted one with some good production design…If nothing else, The Trust proves Cage is as engaged as he ever was and seems ripe for a comeback.” This seems promising for Arcadian, which was relatively below the radar until the recently released image. Arcadian, which is written by Michael Nilon, was formerly known as Sand and Stones.

In addition to Arcadian and other aforementioned titles, Cage also has psychological thriller Sympathy for the Devil and horror flick Longlegs on the docket.

Nicolas Cage has a lot of projects lined up, so where does Arcadian rank in your most anticipated Cage movies? Let us know in the comments section below!

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