March 30, 2023

Wikipedia has a very useful list of “American” Jew bankers.

It’s useful in the sense of “wow, look at how long this list is – wow, this is really, really a very long list.”

Now: imagine that these are only the people famous enough to have a Wikipedia page.

Imagine, if you will, that this kind of overrepresentation is at every level of banking.

Then, imagine: they tell you to think it is because the Catholic Church forced them to do usury. Hundreds of years later, they still control the banks.

In a supposed democratic meritocracy.

I’m going to copy the full list, because I have a feeling someone is going to request this be taken down, and it’s important we keep a record of it.

Note how many of them are descended from banking families.

I was told that in a human rights democracy, anyone could grow up to be anything.

But it seems that the children of criminally-minded rich banking Jews want to grow up to be criminally-minded rich banking Jews – and they push out all the blacks and Latinx who would like a piece of that banking swindle money.

These Jews need to resign and allow colored people to take their jobs.

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