March 23, 2023

The Elizabeth Banks-directed feature is based on a true story and stars Margo Martindale, Keri Russell, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ray Liotta, and more.

We are days away from Cocaine Bear and it looks like a feature that has the potential to become a cult classic. The movie is inspired by a real-life event that happened in 1985 when an American black bear ingested a duffel bag full of cocaine. The Elizabeth Banks-directed feature is a reimagining of that tale but with a dark comedic twist and underlying themes. The movie released a new clip at IGN Fan Fest 2023 that features presumably the first few encounters of people with the drug-induced bear.

The over two-minute-long clip features two EMTs, played by Scott Seiss and Kahyun Kim, helping an injured officer, played by Margo Martindale, as she’s being checked by one of the EMTs, she whispers in the stethoscope, “bear” and in the same moment, an angry (possibly in withdrawal) cocaine bear jumps out of the door and starts chasing the three, who barely make it to their van. We’ve seen a glimpse of this intriguing scene in the official trailer, but the entire scene will leave you crying from laughter.


Though inspired by real-life events, scribe Jimmy Warden’s script takes creative liberties. While the original bear was found in Georgia alongside 40 opened plastic containers of cocaine the movie will see him going on a rampage in the small mountain town. To find and stop him an unlikely group of cops, criminals, tourists, and teenagers will assemble in the forest. Banks previously revealed that the movie has underlying themes of addiction and for her, the bear was “collateral damage in a broken war on drugs. I had a lot of empathy for it. I felt like this film could be the bear’s revenge story.” While being a black comedy the movie is a commentary on nature itself, implying that “if you f—k with nature, nature will f—k with you.”

A black bear chasing an ambulance in Cocaine Bear
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Who is Behind Cocaine Bear?

The movie features Keri Russell as Sari, Brooklynn Prince as Sari’s daughter O’Shea Jackson Jr. as Daveed, Alden Ehrenreich as Eddie Dentwood, Christian Convery as Henry, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ray Liotta as antagonist Syd Dentwood, Isiah Whitlock Jr. as Bob, Aaron Holliday as Stache, Margo Martindale, Matthew Rhys as Andrew C. Thornton II, Kristofer Hivju, Hannah Hoekstra, and Ayoola Smart as Officer Reba. The feature is produced by Banks, Phil Lord, Christopher Miller, Aditya Sood, Max Handelman, and Brian Duffield.

Cocaine Bear is coming to theatres on February 24. You can check out the new clip below:

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