March 23, 2023

Lawyers are preparing to quash any possible indictments after the Georgia grand jury forewoman went on a crazy media tour.

Last week a Fulton County judge ordered parts of the grand jury report in the garbage Trump 2020 election investigation to be released as the prosecutor considers charges against Trump and his allies.

The grand jury concluded that “one or more witnesses” lied under oath and recommended perjury indictments.

“A majority of the Grand Jury believes that perjury may have been committed by one or more witnesses testifying before it,” the report said.

“The Grand Jury recommends that the District Attorney seek appropriate indictments for such crimes where the evidence is compelling,” the report said, according to CNBC.

The forewoman of the jury, Emily Khors, suggested that the jurors recommended indicting Trump in an interview with the New York Times.

Khors did not offer any other details about who specifically was recommended for charges.

Khors did a series of disastrous media interviews on Tuesday.

She sounded like a 14-year-old child as she giggled about the possible indictments against Trump.

“I will be sad” if the DA decides against bringing charges against Trump, Khors said to CNN.


“Personally… I wanted to hear from the former president. But honestly, I kind of wanted to subpoena the former president, because I got to swear everybody in. And so I thought it’d be really cool to get 60 seconds with President Trump of me looking at him and being like, do you solemnly swear? And me getting to swear him in, I just, I kind of thought that would be an awesome moment,” Khors said.

Hopefully Khors is enjoying her 15 minutes because her media tour may have blown the prosecution out.

Lawyers are reportedly preparing to quash any indictments based on Khors’ insane statements during her media tour.

CBS News reported:

Lawyers close to several Republican witnesses in the Fulton County investigation into post-election interference by former President Donald Trump and his allies are preparing to move to quash any possible indictments by the district attorney, Fani Willis.

Their attempt to do so would be based on recent public statements by the forewoman of a special purpose grand jury, Emily Kohrs, according to two people familiar with the discussions who spoke with CBS News.

The special purpose grand jury served as an investigatory body that could recommend charges but could not indict. Willis is now deciding whether to pursue charges and open a “regular” criminal grand jury, to seek possible indictments against Trump or others based on the special grand jury’s recommendations, compiled in a report it made following the completion of its work.

She has not yet decided whether to pursue charges and has only said a decision on how to proceed is “imminent.”

If she were to pursue charges, lawyers for several witnesses are preparing to move to quash indictments, based on the forewoman’s comments, which they would argue taint any such charges and the investigation.

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