March 30, 2023

Stormer 101 is a series of articles explaining the basic premises of the Stormer in simple language. We try to use the least offensive language possible so that these can be shared with “normie” types. Feel free to copy and paste it if you don’t want to link to this website.

I was born in the 1980s, and I’ve never in my life experienced a benefit from being white. Meanwhile, no one under the age of 80 was ever refused a job because they were black.

Everyone knows these two things are true. Basic data shows these things to be true.

The one place where people point to a racial disparity is in police interactions. I’ve not had a lot of police interactions, but during the ones I did have, I was treated like an animal. As we all saw during the coronavirus lunacy, police do not view the citizens as worthy of any kind of basic respect or human dignity.

That said, I think it’s plausible that before 2020, blacks are looked at even more suspiciously by the cops, because they commit so many more crimes, statistically, and specifically, they are much more likely to open fire on a cop. Before BLM – before blacks were exempted from police scrutiny – police acted with total impunity, and given that American cops are usually selfish, weak people (who take the job because they want to act with impunity), they would be more likely to go hard on blacks, because they don’t want to get shot.

Probably equally as relevant, blacks are also more likely to talk shit to cops, and there is nothing a cop hates more than someone questioning his status as a kind of living god who is allowed to do anything he wants to anyone.

So, the police thing is irrelevant on a number of different levels. First, American police are subhuman filth who treat everyone like shit, and American society cannot be judged by the lowest people. Second, we are no longer operating under the pre-2020 paradigm. Blacks have had 3 years of impunity from police scrutiny. Third, blacks deserved to be given police pressure because they constantly shoot police (and many others).

Finally, even taking into account that blacks may have faced more police scrutiny than whites pre-BLM, the idea of police killing blacks with impunity is totally debunked. According to the Washington Post’s own data, each year, the number of “unarmed” blacks killed by police is fewer than a dozen, and typically, it is a situation where the black has attacked the cops. In total number, more whites are killed by cops than blacks. Black cops are more likely to kill black people than white cops.

Outside of the realm of law enforcement, blacks have gotten preferential treatment in school and employment for decades. JFK implemented the first Affirmative Action programs via executive order in 1961. Blacks have been living the high life ever since, should they so choose. They have been able to apply for schools and jobs they are not qualified for, and they have been impossible to fire.

However, even with these absurd advantages, most blacks chose not to go to college, not to get meaningful work, preferring instead to live on welfare, to sell drugs, to commit murder and other violence as a lifestyle.

How Can You Explain This Level of Collective Failure?

It may seem painfully obvious, but it needs to be said as often as possible: “systemic racism” is a hoax designed to explain away the ongoing failures of the blacks, which are in fact purely a result of black ability and black choices.

We have had the premise that “all people are exactly the same” forced on us. It has never been explained, and it doesn’t make any sense. Clearly, individuals are different, genetically, so it makes sense that groups of individuals with shared genetics would be different from other groups of people with different shared genetics.

This is in fact already accepted when we talk about families. No one calls you a racist for saying that smart parents have smart children, and if a person is smart, his brothers and sisters are likely to also be smart. That is a “group of people with shared genetics sharing similar intelligence.” It is simply obvious then that blacks and whites, being different groups, genetically, would have different levels of intelligence. No one complains when you point out that blacks are better at basketball, and no one would really argue that this is not genetic.

Black people have been given unlimited opportunities, and they have responded to these opportunities with abject failure, again, and again, and again. This is not white people’s fault. We gave them all of these opportunities because we wanted them to stop committing crimes and act normal.

The media and the government have taken this failure and said that the only way blacks could possibly fail is because of racism. Because everyone is the same, they claim, it is impossible for them to fail on their own. It is absurd on its face, and when you break down the components, it becomes even more absurd. But the only other possibility would be for blacks to admit that their continued failure is their own fault, and admit that they are the only ones who can change their situation.

Blacks are not going to get anywhere by blaming other people for their problems. In fact, since the BLM riots and the withdrawal of the police from black neighborhoods, murder and other violence among the blacks has skyrocketed. This is apparently what they wanted, or what the media and Democrat Party wanted for them.

The fact is, this situation is very unhealthy for the blacks. It might feel nice to pamper the blacks like they are little babies. Certainly, there is a cultural incentive, with the media and government telling people they are very good people if they support this operation of telling the blacks that all their problems are someone else’s fault. But consider what happens to an individual when they refuse to take responsibility for anything and instead choose to blame others for their problems; such people do not typically live successful lives. To see how this is affecting black communities, look no further than the post-BLM murder explosion.

If you actually cared about the blacks, and wanted to help them, you would want them to take responsibility for their own actions, and to work to overcome whatever it is that has trapped them in this situation where as a group, their existence is defined by violence, broken families, and government assistance.

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