March 29, 2023

As we all know by now, Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind. That’s the iconic phrase that we all know and love from The Walt Disney Company’s 2002 masterpiece, Lilo & Stitch. On the surface, the animated classic looks like a charming story about a young girl and her extra-terrestrial companion as they explore the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Fans of the film will know that Lilo & Stitch is so much more than just a fun family film. It’s a beautiful, poignant, and emotional tale of sisterhood and family.

After making over $2.5 hundred million USD at the worldwide box office, Lilo & Stitch became an instant fan favorite, with the rambunctious blue alien, in particular, becoming one of Disney’s most recognizable mascots. Many probably remember that the film also inspired a franchise, generating a grand total of three straight-to-video sequels, a Disney Channel television series, and even a Japanese anime series. Alas, after said anime series Stitch! (2008-2015) concluded, that was the last we saw of Lilo and Stitch apart from the odd merchandise and theme park appearance.


That’s all set to change a near decade later with Lilo & Stitch (2024), the latest live-action remake of one of Disney’s beloved IPs. With the director of the Academy Award-nominated Marcel the Shell with Shoes On (2021) on board, this modern take on the iconic story will almost certainly have audiences everywhere falling in love with the young girl and her pet alien all over again. With production really starting to ramp up and the casting process well underway, Disney fans everywhere are likely eager to find out how Lilo & Stitch will translate to live-action.

To learn more about the upcoming remake’s cast, crew, and more, here is everything we know so far about the Lilo & Stitch live-action remake.

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Does Lilo & Stitch (2024) Have A Trailer Yet?

The Lilo & Stitch remake is still in very early production, so there’s no footage that exists yet let alone enough for a trailer.

That being said, it would be pretty funny if Disney decided to harken back to the marketing campaign for the original film. Before the main trailers were released, audiences were introduced to Stitch (Chris Sanders) via short clips from other Disney classics like Aladdin (1992) and The Lion King (1994). The scenes start out normally before they’re invaded by the blue troublemaker, with Stitch wreaking havoc on the tamer world of the animated Disney pantheon. If we were to see the new and improved CGI Stitch get digitally inserted in the live-action versions of Aladdin and The Lion King, that would be a pretty ingenious callback.

When and Where Is Lilo & Stitch (2024) Coming Out?

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The word on the web is that the Lilo & Stitch remake will arrive just in time for Summer with a release date of Friday, May 10, 2024, doing the rounds online. However, this date has not been confirmed by Disney or any of the others involved, so it’s probably not the actual date. It’s also currently unknown whether the Lilo & Stitch remake will be following in the footsteps of the original with a theatrical release or will instead premiere directly on Disney+. It could be either, given that the remakes have found success on both platforms, with theatrical releases like Beauty and the Beast (2017) and The Lion King (2019) bringing in massive box office numbers and Disney+ releases like Lady and the Tramp (2019) and Pinocchio (2022) garnering pretty high viewership. It’s a trend that’s continuing into 2023, with Peter Pan & Wendy (2023) being a Disney+ exclusive and The Little Mermaid (2023) getting a very anticipated theatrical release. While you wait for confirmation on the date and platform, you can also take the time to watch the original animated movie on Disney+ using the following link:

Watch on Disney+

Who’s Making Lilo & Stitch (2024)?

Leading the charge from the director’s chair is Dean Fleischer Camp, who made a big splash in the world of live-action/CGI-animation hybrid with Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, which received an Oscar nomination for Best Animated Feature, making him an excellent choice for the position. Writing the screenplay for the project are co-writers Chris Kekaniokalani Bright and Mike Van Waes. Also attached to the crew are production designer Todd Cherniawsky (Obi-Wan Kenobi) and costume designer Mary Claire Hannan (The Fault in Our Stars). Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu was previously reported to be attached to the film, but he left the production to focus on other projects.

Who’s In the Cast of Lilo & Stitch (2024)?

Recently announced to be joining the cast is Between Two Ferns (2008-) host Zach Galifianakis, best known as the star of The Lego Batman Movie (2017) and The Hangover. It hasn’t been disclosed who exactly Galifianakis is playing in the film, but if we were to guess, he would be a rock-solid choice for either of the two alien hunters, Jumba and Pleakley. Chris Sanders, who both wrote the original film and voiced the character of Stitch, is rumored to be reprising the role in the upcoming remake, though this has yet to be confirmed.

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What Is the Plot of Lilo & Stitch?


While we don’t have any official plot details on this new iteration of Lilo & Stitch, we’re assuming that it will more or less follow the same storyline as the original film. For those unaware of the original and set to experience Lilo and Stitch’s story for the very first time, here’s a brief spoiler-free summary.

In the original 2002 film, the story begins light years away from Earth, where an eccentric mad scientist, Dr. Jumba (David Ogden Stiers), is on trial. Jumba has been accused by the Galactic Federation of breaking one of their most sacred laws – creating an intelligent life form with the intent to destroy everything in its path. Despite claiming he’s not guilty, the court quickly brings in the life form in question, a repulsive, poor-tempered, and decidedly rude organism known only as Experiment 626. It doesn’t take long for the Grand Councilwoman (Zoe Caldwell) to sentence Experiment 626 to permanent exile, but this proves easier said than done. Experiment 626 is able to escape his confines and hijack a spacecraft, eventually crash-landing on the remote Hawaiian Island of Kauai. It’s here where we meet our second titular protagonist, Lilo Pelekai (Daviegh Chase) – an imaginative but troubled little girl who has difficulties making friends. Lilo is currently being cared for by her older sister, Nani (Tia Carrere), and they’re both struggling to keep their relationship and lives intact following the unexpected passing of their parents.

Shortly after Experiment 626 crashes onto the island, he’s quickly run over by a truck and sent to a nearby animal shelter. Nani, thinking it would be helpful for Lilo to have a pet she can care for and relate with, decides to take her to the shelter to get a canine companion. That’s how the family meets 626, and though Nani has her apprehensions about the strange-looking animal, Lilo immediately feels a bond with the creature she has now affectionately named Stitch. Now, with a social worker threatening to take Lilo away and two other aliens recruited to capture Stitch, Lilo, Stitch, and Nani try their best to keep their family together for as long as possible.

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