March 29, 2023

Dilbert cartoonist and podcaster Scott Adams has advised the white population of America to “get the fuck away from black people.”

In response to a recent Rasmussen poll showing that 49% of blacks do not think it is okay for whites to exist, Adams declared on his podcast this week that there is no reason to attempt to help the blacks and the logical thing is simply to get away from them so they don’t hurt you.

It seems like a pretty simple, reasonable, responsible, adult message, but the media and certain Twitter personalities have gone insane over it.

The Daily Beast claimed without evidence that Adams, who is mild-mannered, must be unhinged to not want to be around people who don’t think he has a right to exist.

All of those Twitter accounts that spam talking points were very smug. But they didn’t have any talking points to respond to the assertion that if blacks don’t think you have a right to exist, you shouldn’t be around them.

Meanwhile, real people showed support for Adams’ statements.

You would think that the left would support white people moving away from blacks. They talk constantly about “gentrification,” which is white people living too close to blacks. What are they requesting, exactly? That whites live an intermediate distance from blacks?

It’s interesting that I had my life destroyed for these sorts of statements and now mainstream people can come out and say it and get only a bit of pushback. It’s good that I cleared a path for people to make these statements, but it certainly seems like if these things are now more acceptable to say because so many people are saying them, I should get my life back.

But hey – whatever.

Adams is not a person I trust, by the way. He’s gotten on board with the Tucker Carlson/Ben Shapiro program to get behind Joe Biden’s war with the Chinese.

Basically, people like Adams and Carlson will use these common sense talking points about the blacks, along with anti-tranny materials and whatever else, to ultimately distract people from the people in Washington by redirecting attention to the far-away small eye people.

The black stuff is sort of benign at this point. It’s just so obvious, anyone denying it is fully unhinged. I said during BLM that these attacks on whites would get so out of control that normal people would start calling out the black issue, and it’s happening, and at this point, it just doesn’t really matter.

I was posting these videos of blacks attacking whites that Adams mentioned ten (10) years ago. This is very simple stuff, and the celebration over Adams saying something this obvious is goofy and disappointing.

If we’re moving into a serious war-footing, the government is going to seize control of everything, and your opinions on the blacks will be completely irrelevant. If you spent years defending them but now you see they are a violent threat, so what? What does that do at this point? Little or nothing.


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