March 30, 2023

Accepting the narrative of Triptych that is based on a true story is hard for viewers to conceptualize. Living a life that is secretly manipulated for the sake of research raises the question of the ethical line in research. Although it is important to evolve and learn, this series demonstrates the outcome when there is a lack of boundaries for growth.

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The story’s plot line is shocking, but viewers are caught off guard at several moments during the series. These moments act as additional trauma and a layered complexity to the overall story. By telling the story of these women’s lives, it reveals the dark nature of people and the moral complexity of research.


9 Being A Triplet

The very first scene is when the viewers witness Becca’s shock when meeting her twin. However, the circumstance was stressful because Aleida held Dr. Batiz at gunpoint on a rooftop. Becca realizes Aleida is identical to her, motivating her to learn more about her past. In doing so, she discovers she is a triplet and meets her other sister, Tamara, and an exciting start to this true crime thriller.

Learning about Tamara becomes a shock because of the incident on the rooftop when she met Aleida. It becomes even more perplexing because not only do all three women look alike, but they are also all adopted and told that they were only children upon adoption. The addition of being a triplet affects the plot line by showing the severity and depths of lies that all women have encountered in their lives.

8 Tamara Being Kidnaped


The viewers are introduced to Eugenio as he lies to his colleagues about Aleida being alive and on a trip to Asia. Shortly after, he visits Tamara and kidnaps her to propose a deal so that he does not lose the company. Despite being kidnaped, Eugenio tries not to scare Tamara and reveals his intentions. Initially, Tamara says no, but eventually agrees when she asks to be paid for her efforts.

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This scene is important because it shows the lengths Eugenio takes to keep his company. It also shows his moral capability, where viewers are unsure about trusting his character. His intentions are difficult to track despite his claims of acting for love. Overall, this scene sets the audience’s tone and skepticism toward his character throughout the series.

7 Tamara Double-Crossing Eugenio


Later, the audience finds out that Tamara was working with Eugenio’s confidant, Quezada. It is revealed that Tamara was going to share the money with Quezada. The audience also learns Quezada staged the initial meet-up between Eugenio and Tamara. Throughout the true crime thriller series, Tamara is a character that has many secrets, and they are only revealed with time.

Learning about this is essential because viewers learn Tamara knows more than what she expresses. It also leaves viewers questioning their opinions of her character. This understanding solidifies that Tamara puts herself first and operates on that basis. This understanding shows Tamara has a cold nature and a character that is hard to trust.

6 Tamara And Her Intimacy With Eugenio

Triptych-Tamara & Eugenio-1

After Tamara receives a makeover to resemble Aleida, she and Eugenio become intimate. However, during her negotiations with Eugenio, she also attempts to seduce him. Although he is tempted, he turns her down. Eventually, Eugenio gives in to his temptations and they both have an intimate relationship despite their friction to get along.

Their intimacy is shocking because it is difficult to understand. Viewers can interpret it as Eugenio missing his wife and acting out of grief. However, it is also confusing, because what Tamara gains from being intimate is not understandable. Again, this only creates more mistrust toward Tamara and Eugenio, where viewers cannot determine their innocence.

5 Being Part Of A Psychology Study


Once Becca searches the basement of the hospital she was born, she understands the general concept of their separation from birth. According to her findings, she learns that the psychologist, Bernardo Saenz researched triplets and twins. From this, she understands that she and her siblings are part of an experiment and believes he is behind everything.

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This revelation is shocking because it’s hard to grasp the length and severity of this experiment. Although she is right in her belief of being part of a study, it still doesn’t answer the question of who her parents are. This also leaves room for speculation because Bernardo’s studies were short-lived and didn’t completely fulfill the questions about her past.

4 Pilar’s Relationship With Bernardo Saenz


Becca learns that Pilar and Eugenio have been associated with Bernardo. She also discovers that Bernardo has worked with Eugenio’s father on unethical experiments. Based on this knowledge, Becca does not trust Pilar or Eugenio for fear that they are conspiring against her well-being. Leaving her to assume that they are involved, resulting in her desperation to protect her mother.

This is an important plot twist because her assumption from these findings are misleading. Pilar and Eugenio do not know about the unethical studies conducted on Becca and her siblings. Based on her emotions, Becca makes irrational choices and winds up getting herself caught and brought to her imprisoned siblings. Essentially, her fear of Pilar and Eugenio is what sends her into a spiral of panic, adding chaos to the plot line.

3 Humberto’s Betrayal

Triptych-Becca & Humberto

During her state of panic, Becca cannot trust Pilar, Eugenio, or Dr.Batiz due to their association with Bernardo. Out of desperation, she calls Humberto and asks him to bring her mother and herself to safety. Humberto seems preoccupied during the process, and once she arrives at the safe house, Becca realizes Humberto is also part of the experiment.

This betrayal is one of the most painful ones because, during the entire series, the portrayal of Humberto is that he is the co-worker that fell for her. Learning that he knew about the experiment shows that he fed into the lies that she was living. Resulting in more confusion about her past and who is truly behind the madness.

2 Dr. Batiz Betrayal

Triptych- Dr.Batiz-1

In the last episode of the series, the viewers learn the full truth about Becca, Tamara, and Aleida’s past. Dr. Batiz not only admits to being associated with Bernardo, but she continued his experiments after termination, without his knowledge. She also reveals that she is their biological mother and that the purpose of the experiment is to see how their environments would affect their personalities and growth.

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This is a significant plot twist because the entire truth about Dr. Batiz is revealed, finally making sense of Becca’s findings. What makes this shocking is the length Dr. Batiz took the experiment. Becoming their mother while having the intention of creating a false life is dehumanizing. Dr. Batiz views the triplets as a scientific game. Her betrayal goes beyond deception and portrays her inability to empathize and lack of morality.

1 Aleida’s Death Faked


Another plot twist in the last episode is the revelation that Aleida is alive. This is surprising because the secrecy around her death is required for the continuation of the experiment. After explaining, Dr. Batiz reintroduces Aleida to Becca and Tamara. However, Aleida escapes and allows Becca and Tamara the chance to free themselves from Dr. Batiz.

This plot twist is crucial because the entire series develops around the death of Aleida. The emotional toll that this takes on the triplets is damaging to their well-being. Although they are happy with her existence, the lifetime of lies is a traumatic experience for all women. Overall, these experiments show that the knowledge gained is at the expense of the sanity of the three women.

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