March 23, 2023

Disney’s 2016 film Moana features a secret Godzilla Easter egg, and it’s actually perfect. Although the quick reference is gone in the blink of an eye, fans of the iconic Toho monster have been talking about the cameo for years, with it being a brilliant instance of doing a homage to a pop culture legend. However, many Moana viewers don’t catch on to this quick reference, which is a shame, as the moment is nearly perfect.

Disney animated movies are no stranger to referencing other films, with many of the company’s projects containing cameos, references, and Easter eggs from other Disney movies. However, featuring elements from other non-Disney movies is a little rarer, with Moana being one of the few instances of this occurring. However, the non-Disney reference was absolutely worth it, as the inspired Moana Easter egg perfectly ties into the events of the film.


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Godzilla Appears To Be In Moana’s Lalotai

Godzilla’s cameo is easy to miss, as he appears to be in Lalotai. Lalotai, also known as the Realm of the Monsters, is a location that Moana and Maui visit during the film in order to retrieve Maui’s magic fishhook. The sequence is full of all sorts of terrifying creatures, with the film using Lalotai as an excuse to show off some fantastic character designs. While Tamatoa is easily the most memorable dweller of the Realm of the Monsters, Lalotai also features another iconic resident: Godzilla.

Right after fighting off some bat-like creatures, a terrified Moana gets a brief glimpse at the back of Toho’s Godzilla. The spike-covered creature slowly walks past a cliffside, with the monster mostly concealed in shadow. Although the film doesn’t give a great look at him, it is clear that this monster is meant to be Godzilla, with the music that briefly plays even sounding similar to the Godzilla theme.

How Godzilla’s Moana Cameo Makes Perfect Sense

Godzilla in Godzilla vs Kong

Although it may not seem like it at first, Moana‘s Godzilla cameo actually makes perfect sense. Godzilla is meant to be the King of the Monsters, so it would be weird to not reference him in the Realm of the Monsters. Giving Godzilla a cameo in Moana honors his legacy as the most iconic Kaiju monster, with Godzilla’s inclusion seeming like a no-brainer.

Moana‘s inclusion of Godzilla also makes perfect sense due to Moana‘s ocean setting. The monster is known to live in the deep sea, meant that a pocket full of monsters that lives under the sea would be prime real estate for the King of the Monsters. Recent Godzilla projects have also explained that he uses underwater tunnels to travel, with Moana‘s Lalotai seemingly matching that definition. Godzilla’s cameo in Moana is perfect, with the unlikely Disney cameo making so much sense.

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