March 30, 2023

Speaker 1: That Ismo creation.

Speaker 2: The

Speaker 1: First is place for 2023, world Intelligent Transport and creates. The second question is, what are the cities [inaudible] [00:00:30] for the development of the intelligence transport? Shanghai? Beijing. And question,

Speaker 2: Could

Speaker 1: You please read the above content?

Speaker 3: [00:01:00] [inaudible] Okay,

Speaker 4: We can stop here for this dialect

Speaker 4: Please make a video outta it.

Speaker 2: [00:01:30] Okay, [00:02:00] we can,

Speaker 4: The video generated out the above content

Speaker 2: For this kind of conversation.

Speaker 4: We have full interactions and we can see

Speaker 2: That

Speaker 4: Generate images outta text. Answer my questions can be very

Speaker 2: Creative questions, give dialect, of course

Speaker 4: Not only [00:02:30] dialect, but also some other dialects.

Speaker 2: Finally,

Speaker 4: They can generate a video outta the content. So for the

Speaker 2: First

Speaker 4: Three items here, they will be available for all Ernie Bus users. And for the first one, it is not available to everyone, but I believe if you are an of it must be very

Speaker 2: Familiar,

Speaker 4: Like every day,

Speaker 4: Tens of of by [00:03:00] articles would be, um, converted to videos automatically and distributed on by those platform. So we have connected all of these technology points together, five demos. I believe you’ve now understanding bots. After today’s press release, you will be given an invitation code to experience all these features yourself. So from Ernie Bot performance, we [00:03:30] can tell that they could to some extent understand and express natural languages just like human and they can some reasoning and all of these features improve continuously. Sometimes we may feel really surprised, but of course sometimes we can identify some. But one thing can be sure is progressing so fast in the near future will still [00:04:00] witness very fast changes and progresses. And we’re going to fine tune any model to make it adapt to all by do products so that in the user interface or in terms of user experience, bot can show strong capability and it’s user friendliness so it can draw closer or by due products to [00:04:30] the clients indispensable tool to enhance efficiency and productivity for everyone, for every company.

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