March 24, 2023

Notably since the end of World War II(though the process began earlier), white people in America could be lumped into mainly two groups. European-Americans(or ‘whites’) and Jews. Jews have long been considered as whites in the US even though most ‘full-blooded’ Jews(Ashkenazim) tend to be 50% Semitic. Indeed, many (white)Hispanics are more white than the Jews. ‘Hispanics’ in America can be of any race, color, or nationality as long as they are of Latin American descent and/or culture. Despite Italians(from the Southern regions) and Greeks being genetically more similar to Jews than to Northern Europeans, they’ve melded into generic whiteness whereas Jews increasingly stand apart, often regarding non-Jewish whites as ‘fellow whites’.

Furthermore, given the vast increase in mixed-marriages between Jews and mostly white goyim since the 1960s, a good many of today’s Jews are more European than ever and look it. Indeed, Jewish-Americans range from almost entirely white to almost entirely Semitic, evident in their varying appearances. Some Jews look more Anglo or Nordic than Semitic, while some Jews look like Groucho Marx and Alan Dershowitz. Given these racial or interracial complications, why does it makes sense, politically and culturally, to speak of Two White Americas, Jewish and ‘white’? It has to do with the factor of ‘Racination’ vs ‘Deracination’.

While it’s true that race is real in the biological sense, everything human is also defined by consciousness. Consider blackness. It’s biologically real that black races evolved in Sub-Saharan Africa. And yet, consciousness about blackness vary from place to place, from period to period. This is further complicated by mixed-race-ness. How people with black blood define themselves differs from Brazil to Venezuela to Mexico(where most blacks became mixed into the racial brew) to the US. A light-skinned person with some blackness may identify as mixed-race or quadroon or octoroon in Brazil as part of the cultural legacy. But in the US, he or she may identify fully as ‘black’ for reasons of racial pride or solidarity(or self-aggrandizing sense of tragic nobility and/or badassery). But that is in the present.

In the past, when the US was more race-ist, a light-skinned black person might have considered himself/herself as superior to darker blacks. Or, if possible, a light-skinned black with mostly white looks would have tried to ‘pass’ as white’. Consciousness of blackness used to be more of shame than pride in the era of slavery. So, cultural and ideological Zeitgeist goes a long way to determine whether a people emphasize(and even exaggerate) their racial/ethnic consciousness OR suppress(and even erase & deny) it.

Perhaps the most famous(and maybe shameful) case was of Germans in the US and UK during World War I. Germans have many virtues, but their subordination to authority and anxiety for social approval isn’t one of them. On the constructive level, it could make them more unified in politics and united in purpose. But it could also mean a herd-like willingness to do anything to GO ALONG. Ironically, both German hyper-deracination in the US & UK and ultra-racination in Nazi Germany owed to a common underlying psychological structure.
In both cases, German masses bowed to the prevailing authority. German-Americans and German-Britons folded under pressure and out of fear as ethnic minorities. Germans under National Socialism rallied en masse in total devotion to Der Fuhrer as the invincible Man of Destiny.

In one respect, one could say German-Americans blended easily into Anglo-America and Anglo-Britain because of racial likeness and also because Anglos accepted them(at least upon assimilation) as racial brethren. But given the rich and proud history of German Civilization & Culture, it seems rather shameful that so many Germans were willing to erase and suppress so much of their rich identity and culture for the sake of acceptance and approval.
It was one thing for Germans to learn English and become Good Americans and Good Britons in foreign lands. But to go so far as repress or reject so much of Germanness(except for ‘harmless’ cultural identifiers such as beer, sausage, sauerkraut, and pretzel) seems almost contemptible. There are so many Americans of German stock who have nothing German about them in historical or cultural consciousness(except maybe Holocaust Guilt). If Germans were a tiny minority, it wouldn’t have mattered. But, for a long time, they were the biggest ethnic minority and contributed so much to the building of the US.

From a political viewpoint, perhaps it was a good thing that German-Americans became fully Anglo-Americanized for the sake of national unity. As European Conflicts pitted Anglos against Germans in the first half of the 20th century, perhaps the US avoided similar ethno-national tensions because German identity was more or less subsumed into Anglo-America, especially during World War I when the German-American community came under immense pressure.
But politics aside, what’s rather depressing is that so many Germans took it to heart and waged war on their own identity, even beyond what was called for.
It’s like there were times when Jews, under social or political pressure, had to pretend to go along to get along. But apart from their external behavior, Jews never surrendered their Core Identity of Jewishness. Jews went along in body, not in soul. But German-Americans erased their identity like Lutherans purge their souls.

Does this mean that religion is stronger than race or ethnicity? More likely, race + religion is the strongest identity. Jews have held steadfast onto the idea of the Covenant with God. And this sense of the Covenant, more than any political policy by Jews or ‘whites’, was most instrumental to the resilience of (sacro-)racial identity of Jews. Wherever, whenever, and whatever, Jews primarily see themselves as Jews. They may be ‘American’, ‘French’, ‘Polish’, ‘Russian’, ‘Iranian’, ‘Egyptian’, or whatever, as there are Jews all over the world, BUT the goy nationality is the dress, not the flesh, of Jewishness. In flesh and blood, Jews are Jews.

If an American Jew was forced to choose between being only American(and not Jewish) OR Jewish(and fixed to another goy nationality), he will choose the latter. Jews value Americanism as a vehicle for opportunity and power. It’s a tool, not a matter of heart and soul.

Besides, as just about anyone can become an ‘American’(in mere five yrs necessary for citizenship), it’s not a very meaningful identity. It is a means to material success, privilege, and power. If something is open to everyone, it doesn’t really belong to anyone. America has become a Globo-Cow for all the world to squeeze for milk. The teats for treats for the world. And Jews now have primary ownership of the cow. Just like a farmer doesn’t identify himself as a cow even though he profits handsomely from it, when a Jew says he’s an ‘American’, it means something like “I’m a dairy farmer.” ‘American’, to a Jew, is more an occupation, status, or position than an identity.

The Jew’s true identity is Jewishness, not least for its deep roots in history, and it belongs to Jews alone. It is immutable, therefore precious to Jews. It is Jewishness, the binding of religion and race, that has made Jews unique throughout history(though there are elements of that in Hinduism as well, another ethno-religion. But if caste-less Judaism bound all Jews together as one people, the powerful caste-element left behind a much divided and fractured India).

Religion is powerful but mainly a matter of faith, of the heart. Universal religions are mutable and thus weaken tribal or racial identity. No race or identity owns Christianity, Buddhism, or Islam. Religions can impart meaning and inspire people to noble deeds, but in emphasizing heart over blood, it does little for identity, roots, and history.

As for tribalism, it too has its advantages and weaknesses. Naturally tribal, people like being part of a community that comprises members of similar looks, alike temperaments, and shared symbols. But tribalism as mere tribalism can be crude and ham-fisted, a vision of the world where it all boils down to ‘my tribe(or country), right or wrong’. Such emotions may be powerful but not necessarily ennobling, and in worst cases, dark and despicable, as in wars when nations mercilessly kill countless civilians of one another in an orgy of tit-for-tat macro-tribal vendetta.

The great advantage of Jewishness is that their religion is wedded to their race. So, when Jews think of God, He isn’t just a universal abstraction but their own God, the one and only Deity who made them the Chosen. Also, because Jews believe that their race is blessed by God and History, they regard serving their own tribe as a spiritual and moral endeavor, as opposed to mere brute tribalism.
Rabbis believe the world can only be blessed by Jews, the Chosen.
So, Jews deserve the most power in order for the rest of humanity to be redeemed(by serving Jews).

As for the rest of humanity, they exist to aid and abet the Jews as the Chosen of God. Jews claim to be for universal justice, but Jewishness can only be about Jewish mastery & supremacism as it’s premised on the conviction that humanity can’t do without Jews, the only people who can redeem and bless the world. The logical conclusion is all goyim must praise and serve Jews as the Master Race because Jews and only Jews can deliver justice to the world(by lording over inferior goyim who would be lost without Jews).

But, if Jews must be elevated above humanity to bring about a just world, isn’t that unjust by modern standards? Isn’t it about Jewish supremacism and mastery? This mentality was manifested through Jesus as well. The mythic Christ insists that humanity can be saved only through Him. But at the very least, Christianity calls on Jews and Gentiles to be equal and alike. (Unlike Judaism that sacralizes one group against all other groups, Christianity sacralizes an individual at the expense of group-sanctity, as among Jews, thus allowing all peoples equal access to God and Salvation through the one and only Christ.)

In contrast, Judaism posits that each and every Jew is like a mini-messiah deserving the veneration of goyim. Thus, Jews and Gentiles can never be one people; Jews must be the master race over goyim, albeit one that promises to practice just rule. Thus, Jewish concept of justice isn’t premised on equality or equal worth of all individuals of all groups but on the cosmic justness of the superior Jews lording over goyim, somewhat akin to the monarchical concept of ‘divine right to rule’, except that every Jew, no matter how lowly, feels as a king over all goyim.
In a similar sense, animal justice isn’t predicated on the equality of man and beast but on the superior’s man benevolence toward inferior animals. Dogs and cows can never expect(nor conceive of) equality with their human masters/owners and can only hope for ‘humane’ treatment. Likewise, justice-for-goyim is about the Jewish responsibility not to treat Gentiles like total shit, that is if goyim are willing to accept the rightful mastery of the tribe; goyim who defy this notion of cosmic justice need to be punished harshly or even eradicated, just like animals deemed threatening are put down without mercy. Jewish view of goyim is rather like the attitude of the mad scientist in THE ISLAND OF DR. MOREAU.

One thing for sure, the US has been a most fascinating macro-experiment in this Jewish Idea of Justice. One might make a case for the Soviet experiment as well, but in the end, the system demanded the same commitment and enforced the same rules for Jews and goyim alike, i.e. Jews could have a stake in the system as comrades, not as Jews. In the US, however, Jews gained power as proud Jews and came to be revered for their identity. Jews gained near-total power, and what has been going on in finance, gambling, entertainment, real estate, law, liberty, foreign policy, and culture?

The most important lesson in the 21st century may be that only a people with their own covenant will survive and grow in power. As it stands, Jews are the ONLY PEOPLE with the Covenant. And that is why their power keeps growing while those of ‘whites’ keep diminishing. Covenant is like the freezer. Frosty the Snowman can survive in the Cold but not in warm weather. Covenant does to identity what freezer does to ice. It keeps it solid. Without the Covenant, identity melts into the common pool under the heat of globalism. White identities are melting like ice outside a freezer(or inside a broken one).

Meanwhile, Jewish ice remains within its own freezer and grows harder and bigger. And this isn’t just a matter of blood but consciousness. While one must have Jewish blood to be Jewish, there is an added element of self-awareness. In the US, someone who is 1/4(or even 1/8) Jewish may feel more Jewish than someone who is 100% Swedish-American feels Swedish. Why would this be?

Why would someone with a fraction of Jewish blood feel so powerfully Jewish while someone who is fully Swedish or German feels hardly Swedish or German? The Jewish Covenant, like a freezer, hardens identity. In contrast, even people who are 100% German are so deracinated that they don’t know what to make of their German blood, culture, and history. Even Germans in Germany have lost their sense of meaning and purpose. Many feel consciously sick to be German and adopt a kind of anti-national consciousness to feel justified; it’s no wonder so many Germans are welcoming of political, cultural, and economic policies that are sure to bring about Germany’s doom.
Many have settled for German culture being just about food, beverage, music, and books, products to be marketed to or shared with the world. And since holy Jews say German history and culture are tainted forever by Holocaust Guilt and ‘racism’, many Germans are convinced the ONLY way to redeem Germanness is to fully expunge it of its ethno-racial component and turn it into a ‘world identity’, like the Bahai church or Mardi Gras festival in New Orleans.

A perfect demonstration of how Jewishness has been empowered by Racination while whiteness has become dis-empowered(or disemboweled) by Deracination was Paul Ryan’s last year in Congress. He made much fuss about the need to reject and suppress white identity and white nationalism, but upon discovering through a DNA test that he is 3% Jewish, he was wild and ecstatic with joy that he had some precious Jewish blood. Racination of Jewishness has made even traces of Jewishness precious, like gold powder. Deracination of whiteness, in contrast, has convinced so many whites that their identity, blood, and roots have NO value, even negative value, an identity deficit that owes eternal debt to other identities, especially Jews(and Negroes). Paul Ryan reacted to the 3% Jewish side of him as if he stumbled upon a gold nugget in a stream. As for the 97% of him that is white, let it wash away like dirt and sand. So, we see the effects of Racination and Deracination on the Human Consciousness.

This is all the more ironic because, for most of the world(and even to Jews), whiteness is the ultimate gold to have and behold, by proximity if not by possession. Why do so many nonwhites want to migrate(often permanently) to white nations, white-made nations, or white-majority nations? The reasons are many: Economic, political, moral, cultural, sexual, and material. Non-whites feel white people do things better, maintain superior social & economic systems, tend to be more fair-minded, and are more attractive as mates.
And deep down inside, Jews know that they rode to supreme power on the Great White Horse. Without Europe and white-made US, would Jews be ruling the world? Could Jews have gained the kind of power and wealth they did on the backs of blacks, Muslims, Asians, or etc.? No, despite their problems with the Christian Europe/West, Jews gained most in association with white civilization that rose to heights of achievement and glory.

But, the relations between Jews and Europeans were uneasy, and not only because of religious friction but economic tensions. Jews provided invaluable service as moneylenders but could also be parasitic and, over time, amass fortunes in an exponential manner. And Jewish loyalty was questionable since they always regarded themselves as Jews first.

Jews have bitter memories of past discrimination, but their very identity was discriminatory, exclusionary, and even supremacist. Because of the relationship between Europeans and Jews that was, at once, productive & mutually beneficial AND fraught with distrust & contempt — with Jews getting the worse of the conflict(due to numerical disadvantage) when things got out of hand — , Jews remain anxious that the current white-Jewish partnership may also end badly, even in bloodshed. Jews remember how they got expelled from many nations as a beleaguered minority. (Of course, when Jews had the power, they violently expelled Palestinians from what is now Israel. Expulsions of Jews were simply a matter of power, i.e. more numerous Europeans pushing out smaller numbers of Jews. What is notable about the Nakba Pogroms is that the smaller Jewish population managed to push out the larger Palestinian population. When Jews got the power, they don’t choose to be noble victims. They prefer being ruthless victors.)

In order to maintain the partnership between Jews and whites, Jews insist on further racinating Jewishness(with pride of identity, nobility, tragedy, glory, spirituality, and awesomeness) and deracinating whiteness(as ‘nazi’, ‘white supremacist’, ‘evil’, ‘far-right’, ‘extremist’, etc.) So, all the US politicians singing hosannas to Israel, the US waging Wars for Israel, the media spreading Hate News against ‘enemies of Israel’ and any nation antagonized by Jews, and endless blather about Jewish This & Jewish That is perfectly ‘normal’ and ‘American as Apple Pie’. But, even the sentiment, “It’s Okay to be White” or a supposed ‘white power’ hand sign must be objects of witch-hunts. In other words, Jewishness is so awesome that we must praise and worship it uber alles, whereas whiteness is so wicked that even the slightest whiff must be treated like poison gas.

And yet, people may wonder… if Jews hate whiteness so much, why don’t they just pick up their stuff and leave? Why don’t Jews depart from white nations and go resettle in the non-white worlds of Africa, Asia, Latin America, and etc.? Get away from whites as far as possible. If indeed whites suck so bad, why were Jewish Immigration Patterns so often about GOING WHERE WHITE PEOPLE ARE GOING, GOING WHERE WHITE PEOPLE ARE? And why did Jewish bankers fund white imperialists who colonized other parts of the world? Why did Jews come to the US created by whites who committed ‘genocide’ against Indians? And why do Jews ask white nations above all to support Israel and praise Jews? Why associate wicked whiteness with Zion? If whites are so awful, why do Jews rely so heavily on whites as their main support system? It’s like someone cursing Satan and then asking Satan to come to his aid at every turn. It makes no sense, at least on the surface.

It all points to a Jewish love/hate thing with whites. Jews love whiteness as the gold standard of high civilization, social order, technological progress, political stability, and etc. They also lust after whites as the ‘best fuc*’. But this love of whiteness also makes them feel angry and envious. After all, if Jews are indeed the Chosen people, why should whites be more attractive and appealing in personality? Why do Jewish men prefer white women over Jewish women? Why do Jewish women prefer white men over Jewish men?

Also, it bothers Jews that their religion is relatively ‘petty’ and brutal compared to the loving and embracing universality of Christianity, historically the religion of whites. To resolve the problem, Jews maintain the exclusivity of Jewishness while appropriating the universal aura of Christianity that is inspiring to all mankind.
But how does one remain an exclusionary Jew while pontificating about justice for all mankind? How do you preach love and brotherhood while sticking to an identity that says, “WE are the Chosen, not you filthy goyim.”
There is no honest way to resolve the issue, and that’s why we have a crazy kind of neo-universalism in the West. If Christianity offered the hope that ALL peoples could be equally precious in the eyes of God, Holocaustianity or Jew-Worship as universal-faith means All Peoples must bow down before the Jews as the Chosen(or the Shoah-sen). It’s a perversion of universalism whereby all peoples are urged to reject their own tribalism only to revere the uber-tribalism of the Jews.

Similar logic operates behind Homo-mania, a proxy of Jewish Power, the message of which is all the straight and normal people around the world must bend over to a tiny minority of vain sexual deviants whose idea of ‘sex’ is homo-fecal-penetration or whose idea of ‘gender’ is tranny penis-cutting.
But then, consider the astronomical ascension of Jewish and Homo power precisely because their identities have been ‘racinated’ or ‘consecrated’. Meanwhile, look at the dissipating identities of whites, Europeans, and Japanese who have accepted soulless consumerism and status-competition as their main fixations.

What this teaches us is that genuine universalism of equality is bound to fail. It’s too vague and abstract, turning into a plaything of the group with the greatest will and ability. Indeed, Jews have taken advantage of universalism to make all the world worship them.

Then, the hard lesson for each and every people is to define, shape, and guard their own identity in terms of race, range, and roots. Blood, soil, and history. And finally, in order to turn one’s identity into a covenant, a people need to create a visionary narrative that says they have a special contract with the Great Being, the Ultimate Power of the Universe. If Jews sought it out and got themselves the Covenant, other people can also attain a covenant for themselves through their own prophetic striving. This and only this will secure the existence of a people. For most of history, it didn’t matter so much as history moved at snail’s pace, and most people lived where they were born. Even without trying, one was part of a culture and community. But against the vast globalist tides that seek to upend everything, people need a counter-global mechanism, if only for balance.

It must be race, roots, and range BLESSED BY religion. As Christianity has finally come to an end, there must be an Age of White Prophets who seek the voice of the Ultimate Power, with whom a covenant can be written for the white race and for the white race alone. If Jews have their own Covenant, why shouldn’t whites have one of their own(or several among the main ethnic groups)?
Christianity failed for the white race in the end because its all-inclusive covenant belongs to everyone. And if something can be had by everyone, it belongs to no one in the end. It’s like the air we breathe. It doesn’t belong to any of us but to all of us. You are not the air you breathe. You are your blood, your organs, your body, your brains with unique memories and thoughts. Christianity will continue to have meaning and purpose as a spiritual heritage. It can be appreciated as blessed oxygen for all the world. But if Europeans and whites are to survive as a people, they need a covenant that is about their particular place and purpose on Earth and in the universe. It is a covenant that must be the stuff of vision and depth but also devoid of hubris and vanity. It must be of both heroism and humility.

Why did whites become deracinated in the US while Jews got more racinated? To be sure, Jews were always racinated due to the Covenant. Jewishness was always more than a matter of religious faith but of ancestry and memory. But another factor was Jews talked and read more. More talk means Jewish kids heard more from grandparents and parents about past history and heritage. Jews also read more, and they also produced much of their own literature. So, they not only learned a lot about history and the world but through their own words.

Also, Jewishness vis-a-vis Christianity had a doubly reinforcing effect. Not only did Jews insist on excluding goyim from their own community but the Christian community regarded Jews as the Other. Even in the US where anti-Jewish feelings were less pronounced, there was a sense of Jewish-Christian Divide that Jews cleverly manipulated because Jews wanted to gain access to the white(esp WASP) world but didn’t want whites to pry into the Jewish World.
Such a formula has become dangerous in a world shaped by Jewish Supremacism. When Jews weren’t yet dominant in elite fields, the notion of ‘Jewish community’ simply meant their ethnic enclave or cultural community(like the one featured in Woody Allen’s RADIO DAYS or Neil Simon’s BRIGHTON BEACH MEMOIRS). As such, there was no reason for non-Jews to stick their noses into Jewish affairs, as with the affairs in Chinatown or Polish Town.

But, what happened as the result of more and more Jews entering elite fields to the point where entire elite spheres turned into Jewish Communities? When elite institutions were ruled by WASPS, the Jewish Community was about neighborhoods and distinct Jewish organizations. A handful of Jews within elite circles didn’t change the equation. But when so many college departments, courts, media outlets, law firms, financial firms, and etc. came to be dominated by Jews, it means the elite spheres themselves have turned into one big Jewish Community.

This is dangerous because elite power has not only been tribalized into Jewish supremacism but into one that cannot be criticized. For example, it’s one thing to let Chinese be Chinese and do their own Chinesey things in dinky Chinatown. Such people are not going to have power over us. But, suppose this convention of Leaving the Chinese Community Alone is extended to Chinese Power that hypothetically takes over the elite institutions and industries of America. Those powerful Chinese will have power over us, but they will be protected from criticism on account that they constitute a ‘Chinese Community’.

Jewish Community now comprises the globalist-imperialist rulers over us, but we are to pretend that it still constitutes some hapless Jews eking out a living in a poverty-stricken shtetl. Jews in the Jewish Community can do their Jewish things for Jewish reasons. But as elites of a multi-racial and multi-ethnic empire, Jews in high places must take leave of the Jewish-Community-Mentality but refuse to do so(as in the virtual bailouts of the fellow tribal brethren in the Silicon Valley Bank). They play the New Romans while eating bagels among themselves than breaking bread with all Americans and humanity.
Jewish Community has gone from Rags to Riches, but we are supposed to see just the rags. Paradoxically, it is Jewish riches that make us see Jews in rags. Jews expend great sums to keep cranking out Holocaust movies that, GROUNDHOG-DAY-like, remind us that Jews are eternally the poor victims of the Holy Holocaust. Jews buy off politicians to give speeches about how Jews are a hapless and powerless people in need of protection. Jews steal land from Palestinians and use IDF death squads to mow down women and children in Gaza, but the Jew-run US narrative is “We must protect Jews from Hamas.”

In contrast to Jews, white Americans of all stripes have become deracinated. Because Judaism is about identity + religion, Jews feel as Jews even as they become secularized. Even if they no longer literally believe in the Torah or read the Talmud, they feel Jewish in the ethnic sense.
In contrast, because Christianity is a matter of the heart, once the Faith fades, it comes to mean little to the ex-faithful. One can be an atheist and still feel powerfully Jewish because Judaism has a powerful historical-and-ethnic component. But once a Christian begins to feel doubt about God and Jesus, his loss of faith is near total. As Christianity for so long served as the cultural center of white folks in Europe and the US, the loss of faith struck them harder. Even without faith in God, Jews got ethno-identity and history from Judaism. But without Faith, whites got nothing from Christianity, except maybe the secularized form of ‘muh guilt’.

That being the case, in an increasingly irreligious modern world, could whites recover their identities on ethnic, cultural, and historical grounds? This was doable in Europe with distinct ethno-states but ran into problems due to imperialism, communism, National Socialism, and war. Imperialism of various kind suppressed many forms of ethno-nationalism. National Socialism and WWII gave white forms of nationalism a bad name. Communism suppressed national identity in the Soviet Union.
But it was even more problematic in the US. Anglo-Americans, German-Americans, and Ethnic-White Americans of various stripes, for the sake of greater harmony, settled upon a very generic sense of Americanism. In order to accommodate non-Anglo-whites, Anglo-America had to water down an already rather bland Anglo-American culture further. As a result, Anglo-American identity became near-anemic.
Furthermore, the American Myth of independence(from the ‘tyrannical’ Mother Country) to forge a new civilization created a blank-slate mentality among too many Anglo-American elites. As for Irish-Americans and even more problematic arrivals from Eastern and especially Southern Europe, their assimilation into Anglo-American necessitated the loss, repression, or neglect of entire aspects of their original cultures that grew weaker down the generations.

Ian Buruma opined that the problem of Singapore is that no single language — Chinese, English, Hindi, Malay, etc. — is spoken well because everyone tries to accommodate other groups and get along. Likewise, because so many kinds of whites had to get along together in the US, White-American-ness is both everything and nothing. It was flexible and practical enough to accommodate the various white ethnic groups, and as such, a very successful formula.

But the end result was that all these White Americans came to lack a sense of distinct roots, history, and identity. Anglo-Americans with deeper roots had to pretend that late-arrivals from Eastern and Southern Europe were also part of American Civilization. And Italian-Americans, Greek-Americans, and Polish-Americans had to pretend George Washington was the ‘father of my country’ when their ancestors arrived a full century after the founding of the American Republic and played no role in the creation of the essentials of new civilization. So much depended on make-believe and consensus-thinking than on blood-and-soil and true ancestry. Same problems now exist in France where Arabs & Africans are expected to embrace French history as THEIR OWN history while the white French(the real French) are made to believe that Arabs & Africans are(and always have been) part of Core French Civilization. Such things don’t work out well. Look what happened to the Roman Empire.

Of course, there are other reasons why white identity, along with racial and national identities all over the world, have grown weak in the hyper-modernizing world of the 20th and 21st centuries. Rapid urbanization led to atomization and individualism, followed by suburbanization that led to genericism, boredom, and mall culture. While suburbs had the look of small-town-living, they were extensions of urban life, not rooted communities that developed from the soil.
Also, consumerism and non-stop barrage of electronica turned culture mainly into one of fashion and celebrity than community, values, and remembrance. And the sheer vastness of America and the mobility of Americans made it difficult to maintain a sense of place and purpose. In the US, Italian-Americans could be in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and etc. Chinese-Americans could be East Coast or West Coast. Or they could be in Texas. Anglos in the West have often been at odds with Anglos in the East. According to Woody Allens’ ANNIE HALL, NY Jews and LA Jews don’t see eye to eye on much of anything… except their Jewishness.

That said, the fact that Jews were able to not only maintain but, in many respects, strengthen their Jewishness despite urbanization, globalization, and modernization goes to show that a people can control their consciousness despite all material transformations. Karl Marx said material conditions determine consciousness, but Jews have certainly been an outlier in this insofar as they managed to preserve and empower their identity despite the widely held belief that globalist trends are bound to weaken all ethnic & national ties in favor of global hubbub where all people become atomized individuals in pursuit of pleasure, happiness, and opportunity.

Then, how is it that Jews, the most globalized and modernistic people on Earth, are also the most rooted in cultural heritage, historical memory, and ethnic loyalty? It goes to show what the power of will and consciousness is capable of. Of course, plenty of Jews have fallen by the wayside. And there is no guarantee that Jewish Identity or Power will last forever. But the fact that Jews have immersed themselves in both modernity and identity demonstrates that it is POSSIBLE for other peoples IF they too were to summon the will, imagination, and vision to do likewise(and with more decency and principles).

Now, we know why Jews insist on racination for Jews and deracination for whites. As Jews are a minority, their power depends on blind loyalty and obedience of whites. Jews know that whites are far less likely to obey and serve Jews IF whites have a proud and powerful identity of their own. Just like the pride of the slave must be broken in order for him to serve the master(the sole owner of pride), the identity of whites must be erased in order for them to serve the master-identity of Jews.

But as the current morality is against slavery and master-race ideology, Jews have cleverly shaped the Narrative to suggest that it’s all about whites suppressing their own ‘supremacist’ and ‘extremist’ tendencies to lend a hand and offer protection to poor, hapless, and beleaguered Jews who are beset on all sides by irrational ‘Anti-Semites’ and ‘Nazis’. So, we are to believe that White Supremacy is still the Way of the World, and therefore, Good Whites must make an extra effort to keep the Nazis and KKK down to protect saintly Jews and prevent another Holocaust.

Honest and well-informed people know that Nazis and KKK have zero power. We know that sporadic acts of violence toward Jews in the US and EU are reactions to Jewish Supremacism and Zionist Imperialism, often by nonwhites. While these acts of violence are often unpleasant and even contemptible, Jews have the power and hold most of the cards. And Jews have abused the power in so many ways. They angered Muslims with the Nakba and Wars for Israel. Jews have angered Eastern Europeans by pushing the Great Replacement. And guess who provoked the Ukraine War but insists the Russian invasion was ‘unprovoked’?

And many Americans are angry due to policies pushed by Jews but haven’t yet realized Jews are behind them. Many of them still do not know the full truth because the media they rely on for news & info are controlled by Jews who scapegoat everyone but themselves for all the social, economic, and political problems. If the scapegoats are not ‘white supremacists’, it’s Russia, China, Iran, or whatever.

If whites realized what’s really happening and why, they’d opt for White National Liberation movements against the Jewish Empire. If they are asked what they seek liberation from, they’d say from the Empire of Judea or EOJ(aka ZOG). But because many whites are confused and ill-informed and don’t know what to think or say, some of them stupidly fall into crazy Neo-Nazi strains of thought-and-expression, which are advantageous to Jews who can point to it and say, “Looky! Didn’t we tell you? It’s the Nazis all over again.” Thus, these ‘neo-nazi’ fools hand moral advantage to Jewish Supremacists once again.

But, if white folks characterized their movement as White National Liberation, people would ask, ‘liberation from what?’ The very notion of LIBERATION would imply that whites are under a supremacist control from which they seek emancipation and autonomy. And this tyranny is the Empire of Judea. White National Liberationists need liberation from the Wars for Israel, the immoral support of Zionist-Imperialism, and the Jewish Hatred toward Russia, Iran, and Syria. White National Liberationists want freedom from Homomania as the new-satanic-christianity, or Queertianity, all of it invented and employed by Jews. White National Liberationists want freedom from sexual colonization by blacks, aka ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs being pushed by blacks.

There are many ways a people can be colonized. Their land can be taken by others. Their women can be taken, heir wombs colonized by others. Their children can be taken(as Greek boys who were recruited and indoctrinated to become Janissary to the Turks, a form of mental and soul-colonization). White National Liberationists would seek freedom from white sports being colonized by blacks, white history being retro-colonized by blacks & Diversity who were NOT a crucial part of European history. And above all, White National Liberationists would seek freedom from the demands of the Jewish Master Race. White National Liberationists would dare to be uppity against the Jews unlike all those cuck-collaborator House Honkey or House Goy whites who ho-de-do before their Jewish Massuhs.

But there is still a problem. What does it mean to be white? Even without(and before) ‘wokeness’ and anti-white propaganda, the notion of whiteness in America was useful and practical enough to maintain unity & order but not strong enough to constitute a united identity of depth and meaning. It is precisely that lack of substance in cultural and historical meaning that makes ‘white power’ sound more rude & abrasive than, say, the power of rooted identity.
For instance, Irish Power or Greek Power has some resonance with history and culture. It’s not just about power for power’s sake but a collective will to defend a tradition and community. But because whiteness is so vague, both too narrow and too broad, it comes across as a nihilism of power. It’s like refined sugar, which packs lots of calories but has zero nutrients.

In contrast, Jewish Power isn’t just about power-for-power’s-sake but power to defend a history and culture. It has nutrients and fiber along with the calories. As for Black Culture, it has gained an element of nobility as an identity of resistance against racial oppression. So, even though blackness is as vague as whiteness — what do blacks in the US know or care about real black cultures of Africa? — , it seems more justified as empowerment in search for justice and equality.

But, because whiteness has been synonymous with power and domination in the US, the notion of ‘white power’ seems redundant, like ‘power power’. What’s the point of calling for more power for what is already powerful?
In the past, such an argument would have been valid. But in the much-transformed and fast-changing America, it is no longer.
History isn’t static. At one time, China was the richest and most powerful civilization on Earth. Then, it was the Sick Man of Asia beset by imperialist powers. Then, it was a poor communist nation, united but backward. Now, it is on the rise, and it would be foolish to pretend today’s China is like the China of 100 yrs ago. Just as the Chinese changed so much in 100 yrs — along with Jews and their status in the world — , whites today are not what they were 100 yrs ago, and this goes for both those in US and EU.

Jews know very well that history is always in a state of flux(more than ever in the turbulent age of globalism), but they seek to lock the Narrative and Iconography permanently with Jews as Eternal Victims and Whites as Eternal Victors NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS. This way, Jews get to guilt-bait whites and manipulate them into serving the poor, noble, and hapless Jews FOREVER regardless of changing conditions. And many whites go along with this Narrative because, even in their new role as cuck-servants, they get to stand next to the new master. The more deluded whites can pretend to be noble white knights defending poor noble Jews from the Dragon of Hate. It’s so much like Hollywood. Jews own the place and hold all the cards, but the movies are of Great White Knights fighting forces of White Hate and Bad Muslims to ‘save the world’.

In order for whiteness to be something other than political sugar, it has to gain in nutrients. While Jews seek to deconstruct whiteness, White National Liberationists must seek to reconstruct whiteness into meaning. This doesn’t mean this newly constructed whiteness must replace European identities such as Polishness, Hungarianness, Irishness, Russianness, and etc. Rather, it would be another plane of identity. Identity can be multi-layered. Before there were many European peoples, there was the white race. White Race biologically and ‘mytho-spiritually’ pre-existed all European cultures, ethnicities, and nationalities. It is the root, truly of blood and soil. And in the US, even as so many European identities have faded and been forgotten, there remains whiteness as a biological and genetic inheritance.

What can be done with this identity that cannot be done away by ideology or propaganda? Jews seek to deconstruct and invalidate it. But WNL or White National Liberators can construct whiteness into a meaning of depth and substance. One of blood and soil, of one history and continuity, one of evolution and environment. A Book can be written on the subject, and it can be shared and read. And then, whiteness will have justification for power and revival. It may even gain a covenant.

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