March 25, 2023

After leaving for New York for a fresh start in Episode 4, Simone (Nabiyah Be) returns to the screen in Daisy Jones and The Six Episode 7. While the band recorded Aurora, Simone reconnected with Bernie (Ayesha Harris) and together they began to light up the clubs with disco music. The duo’s emerging fame is put on hold as soon as Daisy (Riley Keough) sends a fax, requesting Simone’s help. Marking the best friends’ reunion, this episode becomes a catalyst for both characters to evaluate their definition of happiness, what it means to love and the value of music-making.

Simone Becomes a Disco Queen

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Episode 7 of Daisy Jones and The Six, entitled “She’s Gone”, starts with Simone meeting Bernie at the club and realizing that her music is already a fan-favorite for frequent clubgoers. Bernie blended Simone’s vocals with a groovy, disco-inspired backing track to keep people moving on the dance floor. Seeing people singing along to her music makes Simone emotional and even more attracted to Bernie than she already was the day that they met at the beginning of the series. Although she feels happy singing at the club during the night and waking up next to her soulmate every day, there is still a fear of the two women being seen together in public. This drives Simone to keep her relationship with Bernie low-key whenever they are outside their small apartment.


As the duo begins to work on more music together, their success in the disco scene only grows. When the couple is about to rejoice over a record label deal, Daisy sends an urgent message to Simone with the phrase, “I need you” written on it with no further explanation. Aware that her friend has no family or other friends to rely on, Simone arrives home and starts packing for a trip abroad in the hopes of being able to save Daisy from whatever problem she is facing. Bernie decides to travel along and soon enough the two arrive at a small Greek island called Hydra. When they finally meet Daisy, they are surprised that she isn’t in a life-threatening situation. Instead of being in prison or in danger of any means, she reveals that she is about to get married and needed her best friend by her side during this important moment.

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Daisy Is Marrying a Prince

Riley Keough and Gavin Drea in Daisy Jones and the Six
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Simone and Bernie meet Daisy’s fiancé soon after their first encounter in Greece. His name is Nicky Fitzpatrick (Gavin Drea) and he is not only wealthy but also of noble birth. He claims to be as in love with Daisy as she is with him, despite not even knowing anything about her life. Nicky is unaware of her fame in the U.S. as the lead singer in a band or any of her problems with addiction and solitude. Daisy is equally unaware of Nicky’s personal life because she is surprised when finding out through his friends that his parents died in a car crash. Both are living for the moment and the best way to maintain their happiness is to tie the knot, even if they’ve only been together for over a month.

Aside from the wedding itself, Daisy is committed to leaving her musical aspirations behind so that she never has to deal with the heartbreak she experienced after her volatile relationship with Billy (Sam Claflin). After he told Rolling Stone about her struggle with substance abuse and made her seem like a problematic singer, the protagonist no longer feels excited about her music or interested in touring with The Six. This lack of commitment to her career strikes Simone’s nerve because her greatest aspiration is to gain the fandom and star power that Daisy already has. Simone also sees this decision to leave all the hard work behind and stay in Greece with Nicky as a nonrealistic approach to long-term happiness.

At the same time that Daisy is getting ready to become a bride, Simone is struggling to acknowledge her feelings for Bernie. Although the disco singer is in love, it is nerve-wracking for her to think that a homosexual relationship could potentially damage her musical career before she is even able to get a #1 hit. Yet, while she observes Daisy and Nicky’s wedding at the beach, Simone suddenly feels confident enough to express herself to Bernie and doesn’t feel so uncomfortable showing PDA for the first time.

Nicky Will Join Daisy on Tour

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After Daisy gets married, it is time for Simone and Bernie to return to their budding music endeavors in New York. Before saying their goodbyes, Simone tries to once again convince Daisy to go on tour and continue to follow her dreams. Instead of listening to the advice, Daisy thinks that the reason why Simone is pressuring her to sing again is that she is in love with her. When the protagonist blurts this out in the middle of their argument, the disco singer picks up her luggage and heads towards the boat back to the airport. When Daisy runs after her to apologize, Simone says that she does love her friend, and love is telling someone you care for the truth. While the two utter their last words before parting ways for the second time, Nicky is at home wondering if he should encourage his wife to go back to Los Angeles.

When Daisy returns to her home, Nicky says that he didn’t realize how successful she truly was and says that he is committed to supporting her on tour if she wishes to rejoin The Six. This time around, Daisy is much more willing to return to the stage since she will now be accompanied by her husband on the road. Having Nicky by her side would be the perfect way to not give in to her feelings for Billy, thus becoming more focused on the music and maintaining the happiness she’s found through her relationship with her husband. As the couple packs their bags and heads to Los Angeles, Nicky hears “Regret Me” playing in the cab and is suddenly surprised to see a side of his partner that he hadn’t been introduced to before. When he asks Daisy if it is her singing in that song, she simply responds with “I guess we are about to find out”. This means that she is unsure if she is still capable of singing and expressing herself as an artist after being torn apart by Billy in the past. The following episodes will show whether her relationship with Billy, on and off the stage, will prevent her from continuing to be a star.

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