March 29, 2023

Crossplay may very well be the future of multiplayer. However, while many modern games support this feature and use it well, some are still lagging behind. Plus, there’s no guarantee a title will ship with crossplay intact. You don’t have to worry about that with Diablo IV.

The Diablo IV Open Beta is just over a week away, and the Early Access beta will start even earlier than that, so now’s the time to start downloading. However, the question on everyone’s mind is what platform should you use. Obviously, you should install Diablo IV on whatever console you own, or better yet, on your PC (assuming it can run the game). However, that answer doesn’t take friends into consideration, because what if they want to play with you but don’t own the same platform? Thankfully, that hypothetical question doesn’t actually have any influence on your platform of choice thanks to crossplay.

Blizzard has stated multiple times on official support articles and Twitter that Diablo IV (and, by extension, its betas) will feature crossplay. This news is as welcome as it is unexpected since Diablo II: Resurrected notoriously didn’t support that feature. To take advantage of crossplay, gamers will simply need a account. Of course, you need an account to play Diablo IV anyway, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

Even better, Diablo IV will also feature cross-progression, which will allow players to begin on one platform and continue on another without losing any progress. Of course, gamers will need to link their consoles and PC to their account to access that feature, but please note that cross-progression doesn’t unlock Diablo IV for all consoles. If you plan on playing on Xbox Series X and PC, you still have to purchase it for both platforms. However, since the betas will only last a few days each, participants probably won’t have enough time to take full advantage of Diablo IV’s cross-platform functionality.

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