March 25, 2023

Blizzard isn’t letting Diablo 4 beta participants keep their characters after the limited trial. This news will no doubt disappoint anyone who acquires powerful loot from the world boss Ashava, but Blizzard is providing a few consolation rewards for anyone who sticks with the beta long enough.

Gamers who participate in Diablo 4‘s Early Access and Open Beta will receive three rewards they can use in the retail release of Diablo 4. These include the Initial Casualty title, Early Voyager title, and the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic. As their names suggest, the titles are just labels players can slap next to their characters’ names, while the Beta Wolf Pack consists of a wolf pup sleeping soundly in a crib strapped to the character’s back. Shh, don’t make too much noise or you will wake the baby. Or maybe the anguished death cries of Hell’s forces are a lullaby for the pup. Either way, the cosmetic is adorable.

According to the official Blizzard news section, the Initial Casualty title is easy to acquire. All one has to do is reach the town of Kyovashad, which will serve as players’ main hub during their early adventures, and the title is all theirs. The next two rewards, the Early Voyager title and the Beta Wolf Pack cosmetic, are locked behind Level 20. Hit that level (which is five levels shy of the Level 25 beta cap), and the rewards will be added to your account. Once a player reaches these milestones with one character, they will receive these prizes the first time they boot up Diablo 4 after launch (June 6, 2023).

While these titles and the cosmetic item are linked to Diablo 4 beta participation, players can unlock even more rewards if they pre-order the game. Anyone who purchases the base version of Diablo 4 will receive the special Light Bearer mount, the Inarius Wings cosmetic and Inarius Murloc pet for Diablo 3, the Amalgam of Rage mount for World of Warcraft, and the Umber Winged Darkness cosmetic for Diablo Immortal.

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