March 30, 2023

Previously: People Disagree with Great Satan Because China Spends Billions on “Disinformation” Campaign, US Envoy Says

It is the official policy of the US government/media that it is impossible to genuinely come to the conclusion that you do not support the US government/media.

Instead, anyone who thinks they do not support the US government/media is brainwashed by Russian and/or Chinese propaganda.

This makes perfect sense, given that the US government/media claims, as a religion would claim, that they are the one true path to ultimate truth and reality. However, religious men will admit that there are things beyond human understanding, whereas the US government/media asserts that it is itself able to define reality.

The final truth of ultimate reality, the US government/media claims, is that the meaning of life is found in gay anal sex. Therefore, the assertion that anyone who disagrees with them is in league with the Russians/Chinese would mean that anyone who has a Christian faith – and therefore opposes gay anal, including licking and fisting – is brainwashed by the enemy.

Of course, the details of all of this are never really broken down in the way I just broke them down. Instead, we get baby type gibberish.

The Guardian:

As Russia’s ruthless war against Ukraine has faced major setbacks since it began a year ago, the Kremlin has deployed new disinformation themes and tactics to weaken US support for Kyiv with help from conservative media stars and some Republicans in Congress, according to new studies and experts.

Moscow’s disinformation messages have included widely debunked conspiracy theories about US bioweapon labs in Ukraine, and pet themes on the American right that portray the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, as an ally in backing traditional values, religion and family in the fight against “woke” ideas.

The thing about the ultimate truth of the US government media that confuses a lot of people is that it’s totally based on easily disproved lies.

Victoria Nuland claimed there are biolabs in the Ukraine.

So is she a Russian agent? The main Jew pushing for total war against Russia is a Russian disinformation bot?

It doesn’t make any sense.

None of this makes any sense if you just think about it for three seconds and ask any basic question, which is why censorship is so important to this regime. It cannot tolerate people asking questions.

Further, new studies from thinktanks that track disinformation have noted that alternative social media platforms such as Parler, Rumble, Gab and Odysee have increasingly been used to spread Russian falsehoods since Facebook and Twitter have imposed more curbs on Moscow’s propaganda.

Now, that is them calling for these alternative platforms to be censored to prevent this “disinformation,” which is in reality just people posting the clip of Nuland talking about biolabs in response to the Guardian saying biolabs are “debunked.”

Other pro-Russian messages focused on the economic costs of the war for the US have been echoed by Republicans in the powerful far-right House Freedom Caucus such as Marjorie Taylor Greene, Scott Perry and Paul Gosar, who to varying degrees have questioned giving Ukraine more military aid and demanded tougher oversight.

Since Russia launched its invasion last February, the Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Trump ally – turned influential far-right podcaster – Steve Bannon have promoted some of the most baseless claims that help bolster the Kremlin’s aggression.

For instance, Bannon’s War Room podcast in February 2022 featured an interview with Erik Prince, the wealthy US founder of Blackwater, where they both enthused that Putin’s policies were “anti-woke” and praised Putin’s homophobia and transphobia.

That is not even an informational claim.

Do you see the way that this is just gibberish?

It’s not “disinformation” to say that you agree with Putin’s anti-homo positions, it’s just stating your view on an issue. That is, unless the Guardian is claiming that Putin is actually pro-gay, and therefore Bannon was lying about them being anti-gay, which I don’t think they are claiming, given that Putin’s anti-gay stance has consistently been used by the media as a justification for the war against Russia.

Last month too on the anniversary of Moscow’s invasion, Carlson revved up his attacks on US support for Ukraine claiming falsely that Biden’s goal had become “overthrowing Putin and putting American tanks in Red Square because, sure, we could manage Russia once we overthrow the dictator”.

“Claiming falsely” is again something I have to take specific issue with. Biden said outright that the plan of the US is to do regime change in Russia.

Various people came out after that and said he didn’t mean that, but this is what he himself said.

Furthermore, if we go back to Nuland, who is again the top official at the State Department running the war, we find her saying over and over again that the goal of the war is regime change in Russia.

All of this is to say: if “disinformation” means “untrue information,” this Guardian article and other articles like it in the WaPo, NYT, etc., are spreading disinformation.

That said, I think “disinformation” doesn’t actually mean “untrue.” It’s just a codeword for things that the US empire doesn’t want people knowing. They seem to admit that when they talk about disinformation “harming US goals.”

Analysts who track Russia’s disinformation see synergies between the Kremlin and parts of the US right that have helped spread some of the biggest falsehoods since the start of the invasion.

“Russia doesn’t pull even its most outlandish narratives out of thin air – it builds on existing resentments and political fissures,” Jessica Brandt, a policy director at the Brookings Institution who tracks disinformation and foreign interference, told the Guardian.

She added: “So you often have a sort of harmony – both Kremlin messengers and key media figures, each for their own reasons, have an interest in dinging the administration for its handling of the Ukraine crisis, in amplifying distrust of authoritative media, in playing on skepticism about the origins of Covid and frustration with government mitigation measures.”

The issue is: Daily Stormer is not considered “authoritative media” and yet we’ve never been wrong about anything. The media that is considered “authoritative” is constantly wrong, as we can see with the multiple lies I’ve pointed out in this very article.

This is because the word “authoritative” used in this context doesn’t reference accuracy, but instead “the narrative of the authorities.”

“That was the case with the biolabs conspiracy theory, for example, which posits that the Pentagon has been supporting the development of biological weapons in Ukraine. The Charlie Kirk Show and Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast, among others, devoted multiple segments to the claim. It’s not so much that we’re witnessing any sort of coordination, but rather an alignment of interests.”

If they had any interest in even analyzing the narrative of the right, they would note that the basis for much of this discussion was the planner of the 2014 coup and the current head of the war in the Ukraine, Victoria Nuland, saying that these biolabs exist, and that information from the Russian military and other sources is now supplementary to this admission, under oath, by such a high level figure.

Somehow, however, they don’t even mention Nuland and her testimony at all.

Brandt also noted that Russia had an “interest in promoting authentic American voices expressing views that align with the Kremlin’s foreign policy goals. And that’s why you often see them retweet Americans that make these arguments.”

Likewise, two reports issued separately last month by the Alliance for Securing Democracy and the Atlantic Council, reveal how Russian state media have shifted some messaging themes and adopted new tactics with an eye to undercutting US backing for Ukraine.

The Alliance report documented a shift in messaging in the US and Europe from directly defending Russia’s invasion to stressing the energy and economic impacts that it was having, themes that seem to be resonating with some Republican politicians.

In another twist, Bret Schafer, who leads the Alliance’s information manipulation team, told the Guardian: “In response to restrictions and crackdowns by major tech platforms, accounts and channels affiliated with Russian state media outlet RT, which has been banned entirely on YouTube, have fanned out across alternative social media and video sharing platforms like Rumble and Odysee that have less restrictive content moderation policies and that allow RT to operate without labels or restrictions.

Those platforms also tend to cater to audiences who are not necessarily pro-Russian, but are certainly more apt, based on the other videos found on those platforms, to oppose continued support for Ukraine.”

The bottom line here is that these narratives attacking people who oppose the war in the Ukraine are used in place of any kind of argument supporting the war in the Ukraine.

There are in fact no detailed arguments supporting the war in the Ukraine. They are very surface level statements, which rely on slogans and buzzwords like “democracy” and “rules-based order,” terms that have never been defined.

The message the left gets, which I think is true, is that the war is about opposing white people, heterosexuality, and Christianity, all things that Russia theoretically represents in a kind of Platonic form. To the left, the war is not so much about strategic military objectives as it is about hurting white, heterosexual Christians.

What we see with China is that there is a left narrative that is about forcing the Chinese to accept gay sex, feminism, and mass African immigration, and a separate narrative for the conservatives relating to “national security” and the supposed threat of a Chinese invasion of America. Given that claiming there is going to be a Russian invasion of America is simply too dumb, the media has a hard time selling this war to the right – and in fact, the left’s enthusiasm for the Ukraine war serves to make conservatives even more skeptical, as the right does see this (as the Guardian mentions, with regards to the Steve Bannon segment about Putin not being woke and pro-gay) as an extension of the culture war and a war on whites and Christianity.

This is one of many reasons that so many in Washington are now calling for the Ukraine war to be ended or at least scaled down in favor of focusing on a war with the Chinese. Anti-China war has bi-partisan support, given that the left is just generally pro-war and will support any war if it has a rainbow flag on it, and the conservatives will support a gay anal war to force people to become trannies if they believe the victim represents a threat.

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