March 30, 2023

After Tucker Carlson took aim at The Lincoln Project on his Fox show, the never Trumpers responded with total destruction.

Here is Carlson’s original comment and the response by Stuart Stevens:

The Lincoln Project wonders why Carlson is so obsessed with them:

Tucker Carlson spent decades in media as a loser, and thanks to rampant sexual harassment at Fox News, the weekend Fox and Friends co-host got the 8 PM timeslot. If Bill O’Reilly wasn’t a monster, Tucker Carlson would still be on the Fox News B-team.

Carlson is also completely terrified of losing his gig. 

Why does  The Lincoln Project get under the skin of so many Republicans?  Is it because they speak the language of the conservative, or could it be that they know the truth about people like Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump?

Carlson isn’t anything different in American mass media. There have been Tucker Carlson types spreading their message since radio was all the rage in the last century.

Tucker Carlson is a more extreme version of Glenn Beck, who analyzes the minute-by-minute ratings numbers to find the exact buttons to push to move his audience. Carlson’s show is contrived mass manipulation of his audience from a guy who failed at every other TV gig and is desperate to keep the one that he’s got.

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