June 9, 2023

Stranger Things fans are hopeful that a recent description of the upcoming season 5 means the Byers family will be getting more screentime in the show’s last act. A recent description of Stranger Things season 5 from the writing team has compared it to seasons 1 and 4. In particular, they highlighted how it would feel like both seasons had a baby that “was injected with steroids,” underscoring just how inspired it will be by both in particular.


Now, Stranger Things fans have taken to Twitter expressing hope that the recent description of season 5 means there will be more time for the Byers family onscreen. Fans appear most excited about the prospect of seeing more of Will, who had been a victim of the Upside Down during seasons 1 and 2 of the series. Others are generally excited, hopeful that the description means big things are ahead for Stranger Things season 5.

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Why The Byers Family Needs More Screentime In Stranger Things Season 5

As pointed out by many hopeful Stranger Things fans on Twitter, Will and the rest of the Byers family haven’t had as much screentime since season 1. Because season 1 focused on Will’s disappearance, it made sense for the Byers family to be actively involved, with Joyce and Jonathan having their own character arcs centered around finding Will and the Upside Down. However, as the series has progressed, the world of Stranger Things has expanded, and the Byers family haven’t had as much time onscreen.

While Joyce has had many storylines centered around her, including her mission in Stranger Things season 4 to find Hopper, Will and Jonathan haven’t had as much direct focus. Season 4 saw Will dealing with his unrequited romantic feelings for Mike, while Jonathan acted mostly as a background character when not being a supportive older brother or point of contention for Nancy’s feelings. Despite being important characters whose storylines in season 1 were directly related to the Upside Down, Will and Jonathan ended up falling into the background as the show progressed. This is an issue season 5 could address.

If Stranger Things season 5 aims to be more like season 1 of the show, then it can focus more heavily on the Byers family to bring everything full circle. Will’s connection to the Upside Down appears to be one of the key elements of the group’s battle with Vecna going forward, meaning he’s bound to get more screentime in season 5. While it’s still unclear how prominent Joyce and Jonathan will be in Stranger Things season 5, the writers’ description of the final season makes it sound like their involvement will still be important.

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