June 3, 2023

14 total costumes are unlockable in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon, changing the player’s look when they meet certain game requirements.

Players can find 14 unlockable costumes in Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon that changes either the appearance of the main character or their companion Cheshire, with every one found by meeting certain requirements. Alternate cosmetics have always been a staple of the Bayonetta games, creating fantastical looks that players can explore throughout multiple playthroughs. With one costume set even providing a slight change to the player’s controls, those looking to 100% the game will no doubt try to find each one of these new looks as they traverse the story.


Nine costumes are available for Cereza, while five can be unlocked for Cheshire. These cosmetic changes may be equipped at any point once players beat the main game from save points in story chapters. The most important costume players will find is tied to Cereza’s unlocked rival Jeanne in Bayonetta Origins, whose alternate companion Red Cheshire (or “Charles”) has significant gameplay differences. Players are able to get this costume permanently by completing the additional story chapter called “Jeanne’s Tale”, which can be found in the “Extras” option on the main menu once the main story concludes.

Unlocking Every Costume in Bayonetta Origins

Bayonetta Lost Origins Review

Cereza Costumes


How to Unlock

A Brave Witch

As the default costume, this is the first outfit players have throughout the game. It has two settings to give Cereza a longer or shorter hairstyle.

An Elegant Swan

Finding and freeing every wisp, of which there are 42 to collect. This also unlocks The Forest’s Hero final remembrance.

Cereza in Wonderland

Beating at least the gold time for every Tír na nÓg time trial out of the 12 total, which are found at corresponding save points.

A Pesky Demon

Finding and unlocking every one of Cereza’s abilities at sanctuaries, as long as players have collected enough roses and moon pearls to do so.

Younger Days

Collecting every remembrance, seen through blue circles with butterflies in them, out of the 12 seen in the overworld.

Observer of Time

Complete the game’s harder difficulty, called The Forbidden Tale, which locks out certain gameplay options.

The Right Eye

Finish the game on any “regular” difficulty.

Arch Eve Origin

Defeat the true final boss from the side chapter “Jeanne’s Tale”.


Defeat the true final boss from the side chapter “Jeanne’s Tale”.

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Cheshire Costumes


How to Unlock

The Lost Demon

Simply starting the game, this is Cheshire’s default look.

Accuser of Love

Find all the journals scattered around the overworld.

A Mad Hatter

Locate every chest from the Tír na nÓg trials, which may be returned to when players use the “retry” option from a save point.

A Blundering Witch

Unlock all of Cheshire’s abilities by getting each Inferno Fruit.

Charles (Red Cheshire)

Defeat the true final boss from the side chapter “Jeanne’s Tale”. Has alternate controls that change up the abilities players can use.

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    Bayonetta Origins: Cereza and the Lost Demon is a prequel to the entirety of the Bayonetta franchise. In Origins, players will play as young Cereza (aka Bayonetta) as she travels into a forbidden and dangerous place known as Avalon Forest, to find the power to save her mother. Armed with her early magic and her demon friend Cheshire, who acts as her stuffed toy, the two will battle against faeries and other forest-dwelling foes and solve puzzles to survive the adventure. Bayonetta Origins releases exclusively for Nintendo Switch on March 17 2023.



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