June 9, 2023

American(and Western by extension) morality is mostly bogus, not least because the hollow souls of goyim are at the mercy of the gods controlled by Jewish Power. Most goyim possess nothing like a self-generating autonomy of conscience. Their moral engines are usually dormant UNLESS switched on by some outside force. Many are totally partisan in their morality, and this goes for both sides. So, Democrats who were okay with Obama doing A were suddenly enraged by Trump doing the same. OK by my side, NO-K by your side. Bogus morality. Republicans who were okay with Trump doing B are outraged by Biden doing much the same. Thus, moral outrage is so often just a partisan expression.

Take BLM for instance. If indeed good, decent, and caring American ‘Liberals’ are so weepy-poo about the Black Problem, where were they on the issue until the media promoted BLM? Why were these people hunky dory with Bill Clinton locking up tons of Negroes, Obama prioritizing Globo-Homo over black concerns, Bloomberg using stop-and-frisk on black suspects, Democrats using mass immigration to replace blacks, and real estate moguls using ‘gay’ gentrification to drive blacks out of cities?
They were happily onboard with all those policies before, all of a sudden, prostrating themselves before BLM in 2020. Are they so hollow that their souls must be infused with ‘moral’ from the outside(aka the powers-that-be) for them to be activated against ‘injustice’?
Interestingly enough, they weren’t fully enthused about BLM even in 2016 when Obama was still in office. There were two reasons for this. The Jewish-run media pushed BLM whole hog in 2020 whereas half-heartedly in 2016. So, the hollow souls were filled to the brim with BLM outrage in 2020, and that accounts for their sudden rush of ‘conscience’. Also, there was the Trump Factor. All the Trump-haters saw an opportunity to virtue-signal, especially in the hope that it would bring defector blacks back to the fold if the Democratic Party knelt at the altar of the Noble Negro cult. In either case, it was Jews calling the shots and goyim going along. Jews lead, goyim follow.

If Americans had real autonomy of conscience, they wouldn’t have needed the Power signaling them to wave the BLM flag and wash Negro feet. They would have been doing it all these years of their own volition. (Of course, if they had true conscience based on observation and understanding of hard facts, they would have abandoned any sentimentality about blacks.)

So, why did so many people suddenly become so enraptured with BLM? They are like children who must be told by adults what to think, how to feel, and what to say. And clearly, they have no agency in accessing and processing facts and data. BLM is based on a lie regardless of how sincerely individuals, white or black, may be committed to its cause. White cops are NOT mowing down innocent blacks all across America.
But many people refuse to accept the truth because they, like children, prefer the Narrative presented by the so-called ‘adults in the room’. Their ‘moral’ tenor is bound to authority. Granted, there are indeed people who know BLM is founded on a lie BUT still go along because Negrolatry is either central to their ‘meaning of life’ or an effective socio-political tool. The cumulative impact of those Magic Negro movies, blacks sports-music domination, and ‘white guilt’ narratives about Slavery have rendered many whites reverent toward blackness as the holy of holies. Just like some people know God doesn’t exist but still belong to a church because they love the idea and tradition, many whites know the facts of black crime & violence but stick with the faith in the Noble Negro. Emotions uber Notions.

Consider the total lack of consistency in their moral outrage. If indeed human lives mattered, American ‘liberals’ would be MOST OUTRAGED by the countless Arab/Muslim lives destroyed by the Wars for Israel pushed by Evil Zionist Hegemonists. If American ‘liberals’ had true moral sense, they’d respond to BLM with, “But the number of innocent blacks killed by bad cops is piddling compared to all the innocent Arabs and Muslims killed by the US war machine and US support for terrorists, aka ‘moderate rebels’.”

Perversely enough, during the Trump term, most ‘liberals’ were outraged(instigated by the Jewish-run media as most white ‘liberals’ utterly lack moral agency) by Trump’s attempts to draw down troops in the Middle East. Ironically, Trump was ‘literally Hitler’ for trying to de-escalate America’s military presence around the world.
Earlier, these ‘liberals’ were utterly silent about what Obama did to Libya and Syria. For all their conceit of ‘knowledge’ and ‘cri

tical thinking’, most ‘liberals’ swallowed the whole hog the Jewish Media Narrative that the US was working with decent rebels to overthrow bloody tyrant Assad.
Jewish-run media had no problem persuading all these ‘liberals’ that US troops had to remain in Syria to protect the Kurds from the Turks, one of those ever changing rationales as to why the US must remain. And just forget about the US having encouraged Turkey, along with other nations, to intervene in Syria and increase the mayhem. So-called ‘liberals’ are gulliberals. Of course, many conzos are gullible in their own way, what with the nonsense they swallowed about China-China-China and Iran-Iran-Iran when, in fact, their main tormenter has been Jewish Power.

All these ‘liberals’ who were denouncing cops as killers and demanding the defunding of the police NEVER called out the US military as a killing machine that destroyed millions of lives around the world. If anything should be defunded for its crimes against humanity, it is the Pentagon. Apparently, the life of a single black thug is more precious than a million Arab lives, as well as all the victims of black crime.

Surreally enough, the perversity of US imperialism even spun American Shame into American Pride. If BLM is indeed correct that the US is an evil place where innocent blacks are routinely murdered by ‘systemic racism’, shouldn’t it undermine America’s standing? Surely, a country that murders its own citizens shouldn’t be preaching to the world, let alone pushing it around with military might. But US foreign policy spun BLM as a point of pride, i.e. “Because we in the Foreign Service denounce Donald Trump and ‘white supremacism’, we are the Good Guys with the right to tell the world what’s what and do as we please.” Just paint the bomb with BLM and globo-homo signs. Elevate the ‘nigger’ to kill the ‘sand nigger’.

While bad cops do end up killing innocents(more often whites than blacks), the number of dead in any given year can be counted on two hands. In contrast, 100,000s of Arabs and Muslims have been killed by wars, sanctions, and support of terrorism by the Jewish-controlled West. And millions have been displaced from their homes. And whereas the police do defend law-abiding people from criminals, the US military, far from defending the US and the Constitution, violates the latter to invade and terrorize other parts of the world.

If anything, it’s the US military that deserves the vitriol, but notice how gulliberals, just like conzos, have no problem with the stupid cult of Veteran-Worship. The US military invades and destroys other nations, BUT there’s the endless tripe about how brave soldiers are fighting to defend our freedom. What does occupying the oil-rich regions of Syria have to do with the freedom of Americans? If US generals and soldiers really want to defend freedom in the US, they should attack Wall Street banks that deny service to US citizens. They should attack Big Tech that denies free speech to people who dare speak truth to power. Cops mostly go after criminals whereas US soldiers invade OTHER nations and drop bombs and destroy civilian lives, but has there been exhortations to Take the Knee about all those dead Arabs and Muslims(or all those dead Russian ethnics in the Donbass region)? Has any US corporation donated millions to BDS in solidarity with Palestinian lives and rights? Has any US street been painted with PLM or Palestinian Lives Matter sign? The moral failure or betrayal is more disconcerting with the so-called ‘liberals’ because, contra the traditionally flag-waving and authority-respecting conservatives, the Liberal Community has long defined itself as skeptical, rational, and critical of power.

What good is morality as approval from authority(a kind of ‘morauthority’) or mere partisan opportunism? And, exactly what is the nature of this authority that calls the shots? Jewish Power that, in its tribal supremacism, has utterly compromised and corrupted American liberalism. Jewish Power has the lock on all the key institutions and industries, which also means the lock on what is moral and ‘spiritual’ in America. Jews control the gods, and most goyim are hapless idiots at their feet. But are conzos any better with their ‘Muh Israel’ and ‘We Bless Jews’ antics despite Jewish Power doing the most to undermine true patriotism? It goes to show no genuine conservative or patriotic movement is possible unless it calls for white liberation or goy emancipation from Jewish Supremacism.

Truly perverse is the paradox of how White Morality has been used to render whites less moral under Jewish Control. Jews are baiting ‘white guilt’ not to make whites more conscientious. The last thing Jews want is a white person who is morally consistent. While Jeremy Corbyn’s support of Open Borders and Diversity is nuts, he is at least consistent in his denunciation of both white and Jewish evils. So, if it was wrong for Afrikaner Boers to practice apartheid in South Africa, it is no less wrong for Jews to enforce a similar policy in the West Bank. But oh no, white moral consistency was threatening to Jewish Supremacism that did everything to defame Corbyn’s administration in favor of a total Zio-Cuck in the Labour Party.

White Morality was further degraded under Jewish Power by the replacement of critical thinking and rational inquiry with overt emotionalism and neo-sacramentality, a kind of “are you with us or against us” attitude. Indeed, the politics of ‘moral outrage’ in 2020 demonstrated, much like the witch-hunts in the Middle Ages and the Cultural Revolution under Mao, that the ones most unhinged in moral righteousness are often the most vile and repugnant. Political Correctness over the years degraded true liberal culture that was finally butchered and buried by ‘wokeness’. If PC insisted on heightened sensitivity, ‘wokeness’ demanded nothing less than total conviction.

Now, what are Jews really after when they bait ‘white guilt’? It certainly isn’t to make whites more moral, more principled, more conscientious, and more consistent in their application of justice. Then what? It is to rob whites of pride, dignity, and worth as a race. It is to psychologically paralyze whites and castrate their sense of righteousness. Thus beaten and robbed of autonomy, whites are left without agency, independence, and liberty. Whites are made to look to the Holy Other for guidance, approval, and redemption. And who would this Other be? All the various diverse groups? Of course not.

Imagine what would happen to Jewish Power IF whites heeded the calls for justice for the Palestinians. No, the Holy Other is to be Jewish, and Jews use all their money power, media power, and state power to make sure the White Mind/Soul is bound to Jewish Authority. As Jews control the media and academia(as well as the whores who run government), no white person grows up without worshiping the Holy Holocaust that associates all Jews since time immemorial with tragic sanctity(contra White ‘Anti-Semitic’ Evil). In addition, because the Shoah happened in Europe and white Americans aren’t culpable(except in the indirect sense that White America is an outgrowth of Europe), Jews make a big fuss about ‘white guilt’ in relation to blacks, and then conflate the ‘racism’ toward blacks with ‘racism’ toward Jews in Europe — never mind Jews were co-partners with European Imperialists in invading and exploiting the world(and never mind blacks in government and military are co-imperialists doing the bidding of the Anglo-Zionist Empire).

Now, many would surely like to believe that all the browbeating(or ‘consciousness-raising’) has led to improved sense of justice among whites, but not so. It just made them more servile and slavish to Jews, at whose feet they worship and beg forgiveness. This means Jews can manipulate ‘white guilt’ toward just about anything in a bait-and-switch manner.
After all, if whites are stained with sin whereas Jews are radiant with sanctity, how dare whites question any Jewish demand or agenda? Then, it’s no wonder that whites, burdened with ‘white guilt’, are totally on board with Jewish supremacist madness all over the world. This is as true of whites in Europe as in the US. Germans have nothing to say about all the Wars for Israel, or what really happened with Nord Stream pipelines. If indeed Germans were truly conscientious and morally redemptive in light of what happened in WWII, they would be denouncing Jewish Supremacism and Zionist Imperialism on grounds of “If it was wrong for us Germans to be Nazis, then it’s wrong for Jews to act like Nazis.” But no, ‘German Guilt’ means Germans must look the other way while Jews push Zion Uber Alles across the Middle East and North Africa; Jews can even ally with sub-Nazi groups in Ukraine. So, ‘German Guilt’ hasn’t made Germans more moral, only more subservient to Jewish Evil.

In the end, WHICH guilt is of less importance than WHO is doing the guilt-baiting. For example, the German invasion of Russia in WWII led to the deaths of 20 million Soviets(or maybe more). Millions of Poles perished as the result of German aggression and occupation. And yet, Germans seem to have no conscience in regard to Russians and Poles. Germans have acquiesced to the Jewish-American ‘new cold war’ and proxy wars against Russia. And Germans pressured Poles to open their borders and allow their nation to be flooded with Africans and Muslims(many of whom were displaced by Wars for Israel). Considering what German invasion did to Poland in WWII, you’d think Germans would be the last ones to throw their weight around with the Poles(and call for demographic erasure of Poland), but Germans don’t care. Their ‘morality’ is bogus and essentially comes down to sucking up to Jews as a holy people and obeying Jews no matter how evil the act. While both West Germany and East Germany were burdened with national-historical guilt, it took on different burdens and obligations depending on who, the Anglo-Zionists or the Soviet-Russians, came to define it. As such, Germans failed to develop an independent and sincere sense of historical conscience as they could never be sure if their change of heart was genuine or out of fear. Germany’s support of Jewish Supremacists and Sub-Nazis in the Ukraine War suggests the latter.

Same goes for White Americans. There seems little in the way of genuine morality or conscience. While a sense of guilt can lead to higher morality, it is only so when the conscience is genuine, internal, and has agency. After all, we’ve all done something wrong, felt remorse, and wished to make amends. But ‘white guilt’ follows a different formula. It is at the whim of Jewish Power that shamelessly exploits the moral component of Americanism.
America was founded as a Christian and Enlightenment Civilization, and there’s been a running thread in American History to make progress and make amends, mostly for the good. But Jews perverted this aspect of Americanism into moral pornography. The Jewish Narrative wasn’t about flawed whites striving to be better(along with the rest of humanity) but about whiteness being the absolute worst. Instead of prodding white conscience toward improvement, Jewish guilt-baiting was about sodomizing the white soul with total humiliation. It was to turn the white soul into a ‘bitch’ of the Jews. Thus butt-broken and robbed of pride and dignity, ‘white guilt’ knows only one rule: To plead for the approval of the Master, the Jews. As the Narrative says “whites are the devil, and Jews are the god”, whites have been led to believe their moral value is incumbent on sucking up to divine Jews, but it’s the Jewish Supremacists who are the real devils in the current world order.

It is in this sense that BLM is indirectly connected to the mass mayhem in MENA and Ukraine. The real purpose of BLM? Sure, it is in part a Jewish way of flattering black megalomania to maintain the alliance. But the other and bigger reason is to paralyze white pride and dignity. It is to burden whites with so much ‘white guilt’ that whites are reduced to cucky browbeaten saps. Do saps have agency? No, how can there be agency without independence and dignity? Thus robbed of agency by the cult of ‘white guilt’, white ‘morality’ can’t be morality because saps always look to the Holy Other for benediction. And as this Other is Jewish Authority, the end-result is whites slavishly going out on a limb to appease Jews to win approval, not unlike dogs. So, if Jews want to destroy the Middle East to further the Yinonist Plan, whites just go along. If Jews want to sacrifice the last Ukrainian against Russia(and to clear Ukraine for future Jewish colonization), the likes of Lindsey Graham and Mitt Romney are more than willing to fetch and roll over. Thus, white pseudo-morality has been furbished to serve Jewish Evil. ‘White Guilt’ is akin to ‘dog guilt’ that is more about fear of disapproval than any sense of right-or-wrong.

The sheer bogusness of ‘white guilt’ readily illustrates the Jewish control of the gods. If Jews lacked such a control and if white conscience was for real, whites would be mindful not only of injustice done to blacks but injustice done by blacks against non-blacks. Moreover, whites would be mindful about the evils of Jewish-controlled foreign policy that destroyed so many lives in the Middle East and North Africa. Whites would be condemning Jews working with quasi-Nazis in Ukraine. Whites would call out all those homos working in the US deep state to spread terror and promote neo-imperialism. But no, ‘white morality’ is totally under the spell of the gods controlled by Jews and mindlessly supports all the crazy Jewish schemes(no matter how high the body count) and vilifies whatever Jews hate.

This is why nothing is possible without White Liberation from Jewish Supremacism.

But then, we are now living in a time where mere support of Free Speech gets you banned from banking and financial services. Just ask GAB, a platform open to all. Because free speech leads to real discussion, speaking truth to power, and the possibility of true conscience, it cannot be tolerated by Jewish Supremacist Power. For Jews, only Controlled Conscience is tolerable. But of course, ‘controlled conscience’ is an oxymoron as no true conscience is directed from the outside. True conscience is what you feel from within, like with the soldier in HACKSAW RIDGE.

What Jews are pushing in AmeriKa is Konscience. And the so-called ‘woke’ are into mass hypnosis or hysteria. Just about everything they ‘think’ and say(or scream) has been instilled by Jewish Power, but they suspect nothing because the sheer emotionalism of ‘wokeness’ drowns out whatever inner doubt may lie within. As children accept things uncritically and unconditionally and as current Western Society encourages infantilization, many white folks never developed critical thinking or true conscience.

Also, the Jewish promotion of rampant sexualization further stunted the maturation of white minds. Sexualized at a young age, white kids became slaves of sensations and sensualism as transmitted through the electronic media controlled by Jews. They become animalized without developing the critical tools that distinguish man from beast.
In one way, animals are wild and out-of-control, but in another way, they are easier to control because they have simple minds. Look at all those mindless crowds screaming as one at rock concerts. As Jews control the means of titillation, they can associate in Pavlovian manner the pleasure principle with whatever agendas they hold dear. Have people applaud in unison at a rock concert and then pull out a massive homo flag, and the screams will follow along, associating mass ecstasy with globo-homo. There is the abortion of killing unborn kids, but there is also the mental abortion of preventing the emergence of adult mentalities among goyim.

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