June 4, 2023

If you’ve been a fan of Harry Potter for a long time, then you’ve probably been looking forward to Hogwarts Legacy for quite a while. Well, luckily, there are a couple of great deals on Amazon if you want to grab the standard edition for the PS5 or the Series X. There’s a slight price difference, with the PS5 version discounted to $60 from $70 and the Series X Discounted to $57 from $70, so you get a slightly better deal if you’re an Xbox user.

Hogwarts Legacy for PS5 — $60, was $70:

Hogwarts Legacy for Xbox Series X — $57, was $70:

Why you should buy Hogwarts Legacy

While there’s a lot to say about Hogwarts Legacy, in a sense, what it provides the average player is a nostalgic fantasy that allows you to play as a 5th-grade wizard during the 1800s, long before the beginning of the modern Harry Potter storyline. By separating from the original narrative, Hogwarts Legacy lets you explore the wizarding world from a new perspective, in this case, putting down a goblin rebellion. However, the overall story itself isn’t particularly special and has its own real-world implications. That said, the game doesn’t necessarily rely on the story as it does the setting, and with a long list of spells to learn and flying on a broomstick to master, you can immerse yourself in the fantasy.

As an open-world game, there’s a lot to explore, and while the outside world isn’t that interesting, the wizarding school is a masterpiece of level design. With so much to explore, you can almost lose yourself in the internal environment as if it is its own open-world environment. You also have your own Room of Requirements that you can personalize as a home base, which will be a lot of fun for Animal Crossing fans. There is also the RPG system, so you can pick talents and traits for your wizard, which means you aren’t just playing a pre-baked character.

While Hogwarts Legacy has been controversial if you strip it back to its barest parts, it is a paints-by-numbers game, a competent and well-executed open-world game set in the Harry Potter universe, and great for fans of the franchise. On the other hand, if you’re an outsider, you might not find this as enjoyable. Either way, if you want to grab a copy of the game, you can get it from Amazon for either $60 or $57, depending on your preferred platform.

Hogwarts Legacy for PS5 — $60, was $70:

Hogwarts Legacy for Xbox Series X — $57, was $70:

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