June 4, 2023

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A short break from the tense horror of Demonologist can be found in each of the game’s distinct starting hub worlds, where players may learn how to unlock some secrets that lie hidden in every area. Most of these are fun little easter eggs included by developer Clock Wizard Games to give players a reason to explore starting hubs. While players wait for friends to join up for a match, there are some cool scares and clever tricks with these secrets that are begging to be found.


Some of the secrets found in starting hubs require a microphone to be found, as they only trigger when the player says a specific word. A bit different from fellow co-op horror title Phasmophobia and its biggest Apocalypse update secrets, Demonologist‘s hidden nods are incredibly subtle. There are three starting hubs for players to find secrets in, named the Poor House, Pub, and Lighthouse, each of which can be selected from the main menu for the player to explore.

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How to Unlock Every Poor House Secret

The Poor House starting hub has four secrets, the first of which lies in the Bathroom next to the bathtub itself. First, the word “Banshee” can be seen scrawled into the nearby wall, and players that say the word into their mic are treated to a quick jump scare. Next, in the Dining Room, a picture of a lighthouse has the words “Show Me” scrawled across it for players to also say. Finally, looking out the window right of the lamb in the Living Room shows something special to players for this secret.

Along with other items that could decorate this starting area, there are some differences in gameplay compared to Phasmophobia. Players can purchase a small cat named Si-Yu. The easter egg here shows up by looking at the cat for a time as the creature slowly gets fatter every 3 minutes. The final secret in the Poor House is the word “Fakirhane” right above a light switch close to the Kitchen, which translates to “my humble home” in Turkish, as the developers are actually from Turkey.

How to Unlock Every Pub and Lighthouse Secret

Demonologist Pub Starting Hub with Secret Beer Word Marked Across Bar for Players to Unlock

The Pub and Lighthouse each have two and one secrets, respectfully, with the Lighthouse’s being found in the Graveyard. The word “Volcano” can be seen on a stone statue near the middle of the Graveyard, which players may repeat into their microphone to activate the secret.

Coincidentally, both of the Pub’s secrets are activated by voice triggers as well. For example, the word “Beer” seen at the bar lets players order a beer by saying the word since the poster on the walls of the Pub does say it happens to be Beer Day. Meanwhile, the Piano along one of the Pub walls begins to play itself when players speak “Piano” into their mic, marking the end of every starting hub secret players can learn how to unlock in Demonologist.

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