June 11, 2023


  • Fitbit could be working on a smartwatch aimed at kids.
  • Leaked images indicate that the smartwatch will have a camera and possible cellular connectivity.
  • Early reports indicated a 2024 launch for this Fitbit smartwatch.

Fitbit makes some good fitness wearables, and they do have fitness trackers aimed at kids. But if you’re looking for something beyond a basic tracker, you’d have little choice but to look at an adult-focused smartwatch from the company. That might be changing soon, though, as the latest leaks showcase a kids’ smartwatch from Fitbit.

Fitbit Kids Smartwatch 6

According to a leak from 9to5Google, Fitbit is working on a kids’ smartwatch that will come with a camera and cellular connectivity. The report includes several pictures of the blue-colored smartwatch, clearly showing off its front camera, its accented buttons, and a status bar that has an icon for a mobile network (indicating the presence of cellular connectivity).

Fitbit Kids Smartwatch 5

The images of the leaked smartwatch do show off an atypical design. The smartwatch rather leans into its demographics with a fun blue color that dominates the entire body, strap, and clasp. There are two buttons on the body, and they further retain a vibrant red and neon yellow color. The leaked smartwatch does appear rather bulky, and we’re curious to see just how thick it will appear on a child’s wrist.

The images also show a startup screen that would appeal to a kid. Further, the report mentions that the smartwatch appears to be running Fitbit OS rather than full-blown Wear OS.

Fitbit Kids Smartwatch 2

The report does not have further details beyond the images. However, an older report from Business Insider mentions that Fitbit’s kids’ smartwatch, with the codename Project Eleven, has a launch date of 2024.

A children’s smartwatch with cellular connectivity and a camera would appeal to a lot of parents. Shipping with a lighter OS instead of Wear OS would prohibit full-blown smartwatch functionality, but it would align with the needs of the target demographic. After all, if your kid was old enough to need a full-blown smartwatch OS, you’d get them a smartwatch instead.

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