June 10, 2023

Director Rob Savage reveals that one scare in The Boogeyman worked too well. The film, based on Stephen King’s 1973 short story, follows a grieving family and the entity that suddenly begins feeding on their pain. Originally meant to premiere on Hulu, The Boogeyman received a theatrical release after testing well in early screenings. Debuting on June 2, the movie stars Sophie Thatcher, Chris Messina, Vivien Lyra Blair, Marin Ireland, Madison Hu, and David Dastmalchian.


In a recent interview with Empire, Savage shares that one moment from The Boogeyman had to be adjusted due to the reactions it got. After seeing the creature, the director says that test audiences were so frightened, they ended up missing some of the lines that came after. Read Savage’s comments regarding The Boogeyman and its effective scares below:

The first time you see the creature, the audience screamed so loud, and then immediately started talking with their neighbours and chattering, that they completely missed the next lines. So we had to recut it and build in 45 seconds of padding, just so they didn’t miss any vital information.

How Scary Will The Boogeyman Be?

Though low budget, Savage’s past horror films, Host and Dashcam, have contained plenty of startling jump scares, and the former is already considered one of the best in the genre. Dashcam, which premiered last year, featured its own impressive creature, a parasitic demon living inside the body of a young woman, and if that movie was any indication of Savage’s approach to monsters, this upcoming King adaptation will likely be just as memorable. While The Boogeyman trailer does not give too much away, the titular entity can be seen very briefly, with the best look taking place under a bed.

Pennywise from It remains one of the most notable creatures from King’s horror novels, and Bill Skarsgård’s performance in the 2017 film and its sequel terrified audiences at the time. It will be interesting to see how The Boogeyman‘s monster compares, and if its proclivity to stay in the dark makes the movie’s jumps more effective. Dastmalchian previously praised The Boogeyman and its scares, making its upcoming release even more tantalizing.

Savage has proven his ability to create terrifying moments in film, and his comments about The Boogeyman indicate it could be a fun theater experience. Since the early audience screenings are what led to the move from streaming, it seems like that first reveal of the monster will be significant. Those eager to learn more about it, and find out how it looks, can be sure to check out The Boogeyman when it comes to theaters this June.

Source: Empire

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