June 5, 2023

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AutoCAD has long been a staple of design and drafting tool sets, from architects and engineers to construction pros. It allows you to both design and annotate your creations, using 2D geometry and 3D models complete with textures, solids, surfaces, and mesh objects. Why does that matter? It massively helps design new physical objects and spaces in a digital form. But AutoCAD goes way beyond that, as do most of Autodesk’s software tools. It can be expensive to sign up for access, especially if you have a small to medium-sized team. With the current Autodesk software deal, you not only have the opportunity to try out the tools for free, but also you can get a significant discount, and lock in your price for three years. Between April 17 and 20, you can get 20% off AutoCAD LT and Revit LT Suit, and 15% off AutoCAD. That discount drops AutoCAD’s price down to $1,564 — if paid annually — saving you nearly $400 ($391). That’s an excellent deal but it won’t be available for very long so act soon.

This Autodesk software deal nets you access to the company’s latest products, namely AutoCAD which is an incredibly useful design and creativity tool. The most important takeaway is that it helps you complete your professional projects faster by unlocking access to automations and customizations. For example, you can fully customize your workspace with add-on apps and APIs that essentially transform the way you create, manipulate, and work with objects in the toolset. You can make things faster, especially the more you use the tool for your designs.

Autodesk software uses TrustedDWG technology to uphold design and visual fidelity in your DWGs files, but it also helps with compatibility ensuring you can use them with a number of additional tools and applications. Moreover, Autodesks’ latest software suite makes it easy to collaborate across teams but also devices, so if your crew is spread out, or some are working remotely, there’s still plenty of opportunity to create and work on designs together across desktop, web, and mobile. You can also begin working on one platform and pick up right where you left off on another, like jumping between web and mobile when you’re out of the office.

AutoCAD already comes with several pre-existing toolsets for architecture, mapping, electrical designs, raster, mechanics, MEP projects, and more. Basically, it’s a comprehensive go-to toolset for just about anything, from structural and building designs to interiors and visual flair — the finishing touches.

Normally $1,955 for the year if paid annually, AutoCAD is available as part of this Autodesk software deal for 20% off, or a welcome savings of about $400. So, you can subscribe for just $1,564, paid annually, lock in that price for three years, and even finance your purchase if you need to spread out the cost a little. That’s a great deal for this must-have design software.

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