May 28, 2023

I’ve been shit-talked more than anyone probably ever. It all flows off me like water.

But this one time this guy said that ever since I got a Twitter, my site turned into a “Twitter review site,” and I was shocked how I shrieked back, “I’ve been found out.”

Seriously, ever since that guy said that, I’ve been trying my best not to write long threads on Twitter and then do posts here on the Stormer that are like “hey, here’s this thread I posted on Twitter.”

However – I’m doing it.

I’m going for it – right now.

I mean, I gotta do this sometimes, so people here remember to go check out my Twitter. Elon removed that thing where you have to log in to read it.

This is a response to the Ukraine war supporters that swarm me.

There is more to say about this, and I’ve said it a lot, but I thought this was concise.

I don’t know how many of the people who support the left are aware of all of this, and on what level, but they are all aware on some level, save for one group of true retards that really think the world is an MCU film and Zelensky is Iron Man and NATO is SHIELD. But I think those people are probably rare, and eventually start to realize they are surrounded by unhinged fat sluts and faggots with very evil intentions that do not line up with the comic book movies.

I’m proud of Russia as the eagle tormenting the bound Prometheus. This is better than any allegory Ridley Scott came up with, most of which were pure fluff.

The fire was… making the Xenomorphs? Why would anyone be interested in that? Prometheus gave man the knowledge of good and evil, which allowed for the creation of art and civilization.

Was there something else that the Engineers provided in those two films, or just a way for an evil robot to make devil monsters that kill everything?

Anyway, those films have been mocked hard enough, and honestly, they are beautiful, no matter how stupid they are when you start to deconstruct what the hell it is they are trying to say. I could have done with just some normal Alien films, but I’m really not a hater when it comes to those movies, because I did legitimately enjoy them.

Should I post the McCarthy thread in full?

At this point, I might as well.

You don’t have to read this. I’m not paying you to read it.

Also, the McCarthy thread is almost a companion to the above thread, and I can tie it all together in a meaningful way.

Okay, so here’s the bow on all of this: the entire purpose of the “conservative” media as it currently exists is to try to convince the left that they are wrong.

Seriously, go watch any of it, from basic Fox News stuff, to Ben Shapiro, to whatever other crap is on the internet. That is their single goal. To try to convince these people.

None of them are going to be convinced. That’s the thing. Therefore, the entire conservative media establishment is a completely worthless jerkoff, and at best, exists for entertainment purposes.

When you realize these people are making hundreds of millions of dollars, it starts making a lot more sense. And that is really just sickening. I’m the number one person telling niggas “get dat paper.” I think that is, for the most part, the single most obvious thing any man should be doing, beyond getting himself right with God.

But the place for making money, my dear friend, is not in political activism. This is not a business. I can promise you that.

And you cannot possibly turn it into a business and then also have it be about activism. There is no possible way that those things could overlap even much of the time, let alone most of the time.

If you actually do real activism, you end up like me, weev, Nick, Ricky Vaughn, and others. You don’t end up with tens of millions of dollars like that rat Shapiro or that anti-white fag-lover Tucker Carlson.

This is what I’ve said is the best play, always: get money and send it to me, Nick, etc. Do real business. Don’t become involved in politics and then say “oh, I’m gonna make this a business.” That is stupid and evil, and you end up like John Doyle who can’t even keep it up and then for some reason posts screenshots about it.

We are at war for civilization here, sure. But more than that, we are at war for the continuation of life on earth.

Nothing less than that is happening.

It’s not a place to do business.

The place to do business is NFTs.

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