June 11, 2023

Pedro Jimeno may be living his ideal life, but many The Family Chantel viewers are still angry at him. The 31-year-old Dominican man is most known for his 90 Day Fiancé season 4 debut, where he married his lover from Georgia, USA, Chantel Everett. While each seemed to be enamored with the other during the early seasons, things changed over the next few years. They fell out of love due to family drama and personal differences. In The Family Chantel season 4, Pedro split from Chantel, and the two filed for divorce in May 2022.


While most signs suggest that Chantel and Pedro are equally responsible for their failed marriage, the latter has been blamed more for his onscreen actions. During the show, the 31-year-old reality star was very cold with his wife, which led people to despise him. Soon after the show concluded, he began appearing with multiple women on social media, and there were rumors that The Family Chantel star had been cheating on his wife. Since filing for divorce, Pedro and Chantel have been silent about the drama on social media. However, various reports suggest that they’ve filed multiple cases against each other, including restraining orders.

The Family Chantel’s Pedro Is Called A User

It’s been almost a year since the famous couple ended their relationship, and Pedro is still mocked online. One gripe that fans have with the Dominican Republic native is how he ended things with Chantel after he settled down in America. Pedro’s latest posts have fans telling him to thank Chantel for letting him, “use her.” People have also asked Pedro if he feels, “like a man” after taking advantage of his wife for a Green Card. Recently, the reality star shared a skit that showed how he’s always available for his clients when, “they need” him. Fans quickly reminded him that he failed to be there for Chantel.

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The Family Chantel’s Pedro Can’t Win With Fans

Pedro has been using his reality TV fame as a launchpad for his career as a realtor. However, angry viewers are always there to remind him of what he did to Chantel. Fans dislike the 31-year-old man, mostly because he was heartless to his wife for months before ending their relationship. Pedro called Chantel lazy, despite knowing that she worked hard as a nurse. Fans can’t stand him when he posts about his real estate job, and ruthlessly bash him. In a recent post, fans angrily told the TLC star that they wouldn’t, “buy a home from him,” or use his, “agency,” directly taking a shot at his livelihood.

The Family Chantel’s Pedro Won’t Be Forgiven For The Divorce

Pedro seems to be living his best life while working as a realtor, and focusing on his fitness. He avoids mentioning reality TV, and rarely uses hashtags like #thefamilychantel. Apparently, he doesn’t want to anything to do with television drama anymore. Unfortunately, fans are still angry with him for divorcing Chantel. They won’t forget his famous split. In a recent post, fans talked about how, “Karma will find” Pedro and his family, while Chantel will find, “her true prince.” Someone even told Pedro never to post again, stating, bro your canceled just stop.” Hopefully, Pedro will be able to redeem himself with The Family Chantel viewers in the future.

Sources: Pedro Jimeno/Instagram, Pedro Jimeno/Instagram

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