June 5, 2023

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Diamonds are often the first resource players think to find more of in Minecraft, with the spin-off game Minecraft Legends giving this same feeling by allowing many useful structures to be made using this valuable item. Like Coal and Redstone, Diamonds can be used to build mob spawners that produce allies against Piglin raids, encouraging players to harvest plenty of these jewels to prepare for oncoming attacks.

However, players cannot begin to collect Diamonds until they unlock and purchase the Resource Extraction upgrade. This allows them to assign a Gather Allay to pick up Diamonds as the player walks past the right blocks. The mechanics seen in Minecraft Legends‘ action-strategy gameplay are best upgraded through Diamonds, which act as the pieces for significant enhancements to existing structures that players have made.


How To Find More Diamonds

The first location that players should travel to when looking for more Diamonds is the Tundra biome. Marked on the map already as a place with abundant Diamonds to collect, this spot should be an obvious place to start after getting the upgrade that unlocks Diamond harvesting. Small veins of this resource may be found just underneath the surface of the Overworld blocks here, a stark contrast from the deep mines where Diamonds are usually found in Minecraft.

Both the Jagged Peaks and Tundra biomes in the Overworld are the best places to find large veins of Diamonds.

One other biome hosts the most Diamonds, called the Jagged Peaks, located near the mountains’ summits. Players should be careful traveling through here, as the precarious spots where Diamond veins spawn could lead to a nasty fall. In addition, the competitive multiplayer for Minecraft Legends might have players fighting to reach these mountain tops first, making these small areas even more dangerous.

How To Craft & Upgrade Using Diamonds

Minecraft Legends Skeletal Archer Mob that Players can Spawn to Fight for Them by Spending Diamonds

The main tool Diamonds are used to make are Skeletal Archer spawners, which generate mobs that can shoot enemy Piglins or players from long-range. A step above Plank Golem archers, these undead minions are used in great combination with Zombies, whose spawner may be built using Redstone.

Every Skeletal Archer costs Diamonds to make, so players are recommended to keep a steady supply in case of a surprise raid.

Most of the time, Diamonds upgrade existing Towers and structures, making them more durable or improving their systems. For example, bolstering a Redstone Launcher makes their explosive projectiles more damaging against enemies. Those that figure out where to find more Diamonds in Minecraft Legends have a great chance to drastically improve any building already in their base.

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