June 11, 2023

The decision details Lindell’s defense that “experts assured him that the data was real and proved China’s interference with the election.” Unfortunately for Mike, it seems that most of the people he’s surrounded himself with are as stupid and full of crap as he is.

What’s really wild about this case is that Zeidman was a Big Lie believer by his own account and testimony:

Mr. Zeidman learned of the Prove Mike Wrong Challenge. He testified that he was interested in the claims that there had been interference in the 2020 election and wanted access to the data as promised to see “history in the making, perhaps to see an election overturned.” Mr. Zeidman told his friends that he was unlikely to win because Mr. Lindell would not offer a $5 million prize if Mr. Lindell had not had his own experts vet all the data to be presented.

After Zeidman provided his proof that the data was hogwash, Lindell’s special panel decided he had not won the prize money, at which point Zeidman brought the case to arbitration per the contract rules of Lindell’s own silly contest.

Lindell reportedly texted The Washington Post, saying, “They made a terribly wrong decision! This will be going to court!” Considering that his own contest rules contractually require participants to have disputes “resolved exclusively by final and binding arbitration,” it’s unlikely he will get much relief in the courts.

Lindell has boasted about a lot of things over the past few years. So far the only thing he seems to have said that even remotely resembles honesty is that he’s spent a lot of money dealing with the ramifications of his dangerous campaign to overthrow our country’s democratic processes.

Just one day before Lindell was losing $5 million to someone who debunked his own Big Lie “evidence,” Fox News was settling the defamation lawsuit brought against them by Dominion Voting Systems for more than three-quarters of a billion dollars. You know what wasn’t settled on Wednesday? Dominion Voting Systems’ defamation lawsuit against Lindell.

Can this guy catch a break leave us all alone now?


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Markos and Kerry are joined by Aaron Rupar today to discuss what he is seeing in the right-wing media landscape. Rupar is an independent journalist whose Public Notice Substack is a must-read for those who want to know how truly outrageous the conservative movement is. We are addicted to his Twitter account, with its never-ending stream of Republican lunacy all captured on video.

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