June 5, 2023

[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Yellowjackets, Season 2, Episode 5, “Two Truths and a Lie.”]Samantha Hanratty’s Misty has made a number of questionable and often disturbing decisions throughout Yellowjackets thus far, but she crosses an especially big line in Season 2, Episode 5, “Two Truths and a Lie.” Misty kills her bestie, Crystal (Nuha Jes Izman). Or perhaps I should say, Misty is heavily involved in Crystal’s death.

At the beginning of the episode, Crystal draws the two card yet again while Mari (Alexa Barajas) assigns chores and Misty offers to accompany her while she “flushes the toilet.” While on their way, Crystal starts a game of “rapid-fire secrets.” It escalates to the point that Crystal demands a pinky swear from Misty for ultimate secret protection. Turns out, her name isn’t Crystal. It’s Kristen. “Everyone got it wrong on the first day of practice and I never corrected them.” Her crushing reasoning for never telling the team her real name? “Because they started calling me Crystal the Pistol and no one had given me a nickname before, so I was afraid that if I told them the truth, they wouldn’t like me as much.”


The satisfaction of safe secret-sharing compels Crystal to tell Misty, “Do you get how lucky we are? Some people never find someone they trust enough to share their deepest secrets.” That comment inspires Misty to reveal her biggest secret of all; she destroyed the plane’s emergency transmitter. Expecting her bestie would understand her choice and motivation, Misty is caught off guard when she gets the exact opposite reaction from Crystal. She attempts to walk it back and paint the story as a big joke, but Crystal isn’t buying it. Misty panics and begs her to keep her secret to which Crystal responds, “Or what? You’ll poison me?” With rage in her eyes, Misty walks towards Crystal and replies, “I’ll fucking kill you.” Little does Crystal know, she’s backed up to the point that she’s standing on the edge of the cliff and suddenly falls to her death.

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During a recent episode of Collider Ladies Night, Hanratty revisited much of her Yellowjackets experience thus far, including this pivotal moment between Misty and Crystal. We couldn’t share it when we released her main episode of Ladies Night back in March, but now that “Two Truths and a Lie” is available to watch, it’s time to break down Crystal’s demise.

Hanratty began by discussing what motivated Misty to reveal her emergency transmitter secret to begin with:

“I almost feel like she feels proud of what she did. When she reveals this secret, she’s nervous and she is scared but there’s almost — when Crystal says, ‘Do you know how lucky we are,’ I think that Misty is taking that in as like, ‘Okay, well I did this.’ You know what I mean? And there is this excitement about it and there is a nervous energy about it, but I truly think she was expecting Crystal to go, ‘Bestie, thank you! You did this! You made this happen!’ And every time that we filmed that scene and I would see Nuha’s face drop, my heart would drop. Every time we would do it, I felt just as hopeful as Misty was, and every time I saw that reaction, it broke my heart.”

Another unforgettable line in that scene is Misty’s threat, “I’ll fucking kill you.” But does she really mean it? If Crystal hadn’t slipped off the cliff, would Misty have killed her to protect her secret? Here’s Hanratty’s take:

“I don’t think so. I think she’s just grasping at straws. And then I think she’s really hurt that Crystal/Kristen would even say the poison thing because it’s like all these people are blaming Misty. And of course she did poison everybody, but for her, it’s like this is her first friend, her best friend, her everything at this point, and then for her to turn on her, it’s like all the people who’ve ever made fun of Misty, it comes flooding through. But I don’t think that she would have killed her. I do think she would have hurt her. I do think she would have hurt Crystal/Kristen. In fact, I think she could have even tied her up out there, but I don’t think she would have killed her at that moment.”

Samantha Hanratty in Yellowjackets
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The entire scene is a performance feat for Hanratty and Izman, one with a downright brilliant evolution that results in sky-high tension. But, the only way the duo sticks the landing with such a moment is by capping it off with the perfect reaction shot from Hanratty. Misty’s expression upon seeing Crystal’s body essentially defines the tone of the scene and is also vital to giving viewers a sense of how Misty truly feels about what just happened.

Hanratty walked me through what it was like tackling that moment beginning with how deeply emotional the filming experience was for her due to how close she grew to Izman while working on Season 2. She began:

“It honestly came — this is gonna sound so messed up — so naturally because I formed such a big beautiful relationship with Nuha. She literally was just sleeping on the couch. If you saw my apartment right now, she just went — Kevin [Alves] and Alexa [Barajas] are staying with me, too. They’re helping her move over there, they’re coming back here. I’m setting up clothes in my room that I think would fit her well and I want Nuha to have. She is — I’m gonna cry! I get so emotional talking about her because she’s been such a gift to me this season. Season 1 was really hard to film and Season 2 was so much better and easier because Nuha was there. And I formed such a deep friendship with her and such a loving friendship with her that knowing that that day was coming was really emotional and really hard.”

Samantha Hanratty and Nuha Jes Izman in Yellowjackets
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Hanratty continued by revisiting filming the next part of that sequence, the moment when Misty finds the body and attempts CPR, a moment that actually includes an especially powerful line Hanratty added herself.

“Going down there and performing CPR on this body and having the blood come up was just awful. I actually did throw up. It wasn’t because of the body but because I got a fake piece of snow lodged in the back of my throat, so I had to run over, I threw up. I eat like four pickles that day and all the pickles got thrown up, and it was just a mess. I added the line, ‘I’m sorry, bestie,’ because I just said it. I just said it because they’re like, ‘Okay, just hold that beat for a while,’ and the storm’s happening, and I’m looking down at the body, and it’s like she realized that the snow is gonna start covering things up, and I think she realized that, ‘Okay, if I tell people that …’ I think she’s starting to realize the story that she’s gonna say, but before she can fully commit to it, she has to say her goodbye.”

Eager to hear even more from Hanratty on Yellowjackets Season 2? You can watch the clip of her talking about Season 2, Episode 5 at the top of this article or listen to our full 45-minute conversation uncut in podcast form below:

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