May 28, 2023

Gamers who want to post clips of a cool multikill they pulled off in or something ridiculous that happened in Sea of Thieves to may need to take an extra couple of steps to share their captures. Microsoft said it had to switch off the option to upload screenshots and clips from consoles as well as the Game Bar on Windows.

There are other options, though they’re a little more inconvenient. You can to download console captures and share them to Twitter. and offer similar ways to share screenshots and clips. Alternatively, you can copy your Xbox captures onto a USB drive and access them from your computer.

Engadget has contacted Xbox for comment, but it seems likely that Microsoft dropped the built-in sharing option due to Twitter’s decision to . That move is breaking functionality for all kinds of organizations, .

This week, Microsoft said it would from its social media management tool for advertisers. Twitter is said to be charging at least $42,000 per month for enterprise access to its APIs.

In a response to a tweet about Microsoft’s API move, Twitter owner Elon Musk that Microsoft had “illegally” used his company’s data and that a lawsuit is forthcoming. “They trained illegally using Twitter data. Lawsuit time,” he wrote. Musk that ChatGPT operator OpenAI, whose tech is using to power Bing’s chatbot and , “had access to Twitter database for training. I put that on pause for now.”

Musk recently in the hopes of taking on the likes of Google and OpenAI. As it happens, he co-founded OpenAI but later disowned the company and ChatGPT.

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