June 5, 2023

14. There Were Way More SNES Bundles Than You Remember

It should come as no surprise that Super Mario World sold better than any game in the SNES library. At 20,610,000 units moved, it sold almost twice as many copies as the runner-up, Super Mario All-Stars. Then again, Super Mario World was bundled with the console in the early days.

Super Mario World was not the only option for a bundled game when you bought the SNES. Some bundles came with F-Zero, and, a year after the console’s release, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past came out and became part of its own bundle. Other games to be packaged with the SNES over the years include: Super Mario All-Stars, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, Street Fighter II (PAL only), Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Star Fox, Killer Instinct, Mario Paint, Kirby Super Star, Tetris Attack, Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball, and Super Metroid.

There was also the Big Score Bundle, which came with Stunt Race FX, NCAA Basketball, and NHL Stanley Cup, as well as a Competition Set that contained Super Tennis, F-Zero, and Super Play Action Football. Several sets also came with the Super Game Boy attachment.

While Super Mario RPG was never bundled with the console, they did regularly use the game’s promotional images (ie. 3D generated Mario and Yoshi) on the box.

Art of Fighting’s Expanded Ending

13. Art of Fighting’s Expanded Ending

Art of Fighting is one of the earliest Street Fighter II clones and a stepping stone to SNK’s King of Fighters franchise. Art of Fighting shares a universe with fellow SNK fighter Fatal Fury, albeit taking place a good 20 years earlier. In the game, a martial artist named Ryo Sakazaki looks for his kidnapped sister Yuri as he and his buddy Robert Garcia beat up enemies in one-on-one fights. After taking down the crime boss Mr. Big, they take on Big’s mysterious masked enforcer Mr. Karate. Strangely, Mr. Karate looks and fights exactly like Ryo.

In the original arcade, Neo-Geo, and even Genesis versions of the game, the ending has Ryo preparing to kill Mr. Karate, only for Yuri to burst into the room. With urgency, she’s about to explain who Mr. Karate is, but then we’re met with a “To be continued…” screen. Yes, the twist is exactly what you think.

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