June 5, 2023

Editor’s Note: The following contains spoilers from all of Season 3 of The Mandalorian.The Mandalorian Season 3 is all wrapped up, but fortunately, the show isn’t over. According to series creator Jon Favreau, Season 4’s story is already written. The next chapter for Din Djarin (Pedro Pascal) and Grogu still doesn’t have a release date, but that doesn’t prevent it from inspiring excitement. As the Season 3 finale ended, some fans chose to watch until the final moments of the credits, looking for hints of Season 4. But anyone hoping to find a scene that foreshadows the future at the end will be disappointed. All they will find during the credits is charming artwork like any other episode.


The lack of an end-credit scene isn’t entirely new for the series. Season 1 didn’t have a scene after the credits rolled, either. But Season 2 used the credits to announce The Book of Boba Fett, the next appearance for many of The Mandalorian’s characters. In this case, the end-credit scene set up the spinoff show, which, in turn, included important information for The Mandalorian Season 3. However, Season 3 didn’t need an extra moment to set up Season 4 as the episode did, so before it ended. Nor did it need to announce a new show. Star Wars has enough content that’s in the works. And with these characters likely to show up in other Star Wars content, it’s always possible more about Season 4 will be revealed in-universe through other projects, so why bother with an end-credit scene?

Season 3 Reaches a Natural Conclusion Without an End-Credit Scene

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While the lack of a post-credit scene may be initially disappointing, the show doesn’t need it as The Mandalorian Season 3 wraps up the plot with time to spare. Season 3 ends on a peaceful note, with Din Djarin and Grogu resting in a cabin on Nevarro before they begin their new job of hunting Imperial remnants for the New Republic. Unlike the first two seasons, which showed Din Djarin traveling around the galaxy protecting Grogu, Season 3 focused on resettling the planet of Mandalore. Their efforts required uniting the two enemy factions of Mandalorians, the Children of the Watch and the Nite Owls. But the finale wrapped this plotline up with them working together to retake their home planet from Moff Gideon (Giancarlo Esposito) and his followers. In the end, they are a unified people, standing side by side as they relight the forge.

With Season 3 concluding that storyline, Season 4 is set to see another hard shift as Din Djarin resumes his life as a bounty hunter with Grogu as his apprentice. Though much of what will happen in Season 4 is unknown, the Season 3 finale set it up without an end-credit scene. Din Djarin makes a deal with Carson Teva (Paul Sun-Hyung Lee) towards the end of the episode, agreeing to work as an independent contractor while cleaning up the outer rim. This establishes what Season 4 will be about despite the considerable change from Season 3. So an extra scene isn’t needed for that purpose.

The Mythosaur in The Mandalorian
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With the story concluded, the thing that could have been an end-credit scene was a Mythosaur appearance. The supposedly extinct creature lives in the depths of the Living Waters, but only so many know that it survives. The legendary Mythosaur seemed important after its first appearance in episode 2, “The Mines of Mandalore,” but Bo-Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff) managed to claim rule of Mandalore with the Darksaber alone, not needing to prove herself by revealing the Mythosaur, which is said to herald in a new age for Mandalorians. At that point, only Bo-Katan saw the ancient creature, but she told the Armorer (Emily Swallow) about it later. However, only these two knew of the Mythosaur’s existence until the finale.

As Grogu officially becomes a Mandalorian apprentice, he stands in the Living Waters. Peering into the waters, Grogu seems to sense the presence of the beasts through his force abilities. The screen pans down through the depths of the water, showing the Mythosaur as its eye opens. Yet the creature’s existence remains largely a secret. The Mythosaur’s story was only hinted at and had little relevance besides the symbolism. Perhaps there is more to the story in the upcoming season, but even if that’s the case, the creature already has a moment dedicated to it in the finale. As the Mythosaur scene occurs in the body of the episode, it eliminates the need for a Mythosaur-focused post-credit scene.

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‘The Mandalorian’ Characters May Appear Before Season 4

Katee Sackhoff as Bo Katan appears in Season 3 Episode 7 of The Mandalorian
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Nor is another scene necessary to announce new content. With the Star Wars Celebration only a few weeks before the end of The Mandalorian, a lot of new projects have already been announced. With Ahsoka, The Acolyte, and much more on the way, there are enough upcoming projects to look forward to without adding to the list. Additionally, with so much expansion coming to the Star Wars universe, Din Djarin, Grogu, and other characters from The Mandalorian have many opportunities to pop up. The Book of Boba Fett closely tied in with The Mandalorian, chronicling the reunion of Din Djarin and Grogu after the Season 2 finale. The two shows are closely related, so it’s no surprise they are intertwined. There is now a focus on expanding the era in which The Mandalorian takes place.

So far, these shows have a tendency to cross over. So it seems likely for Din Djarin and Grogu to appear before the show returns for Season 4. Additionally, the Season 3 finale suggests these characters are tied to the New Republic and likely the Resistance from the sequel trilogy. With the post-sequel timeline soon to be explored, Din Djarin and Grogu could be added as well. Especially with Grogu’s slow aging and the long lifespan of his species, he would still be alive at that time, and Din Djarin could be as well. Ahsoka takes place in the same timeframe, and the cast includes an acquaintance of theirs and a fellow Mandalorian. The Skeleton Crew is in this time period as well. Plus, Dave Filoni‘s crossover for these projects. So there are plenty of opportunities to see these characters and get an idea of what will happen in Season 4 before the show returns.

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