June 5, 2023

Finding the Time of Death is an optional objective players need to complete to exorcise the ghost in Demonologist. The objective is exclusive to the Cyclone St. map, which unlocks at level 10. Unlike the Abandoned House map, players normally don’t need to buy extra equipment at Cyclone St. to complete all the side objectives needed to exorcise the ghost, making it an easier map to exorcise the ghost and get higher money and experience rewards. You only need the Ectoplasm glass, one of the default items given to players for free.


The time of death can’t be found until all players have selected a ghost in the Evidence tab. It doesn’t matter if the chosen ghost is the correct identification because none of the side objectives require the correct answer. Once all players have selected a ghost, the side objectives text in the starting tent will light up, and “Completed” will appear next to the objectives as they are finished.

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How To Complete The Clock Optional Objective In Demonologist

To find the time of death in Demonologist, left-click while holding the Ectoplasm Glass to bring it center screen. You’re looking for white numbers as they would appear in a digital clock. Players don’t need to be close to the walls to see the numbers, so standing in the middle of a room and turning in place to scan the walls is the quickest way to find the time. It is more likely to appear in the upstairs bedrooms or the living room downstairs, and they have a slight glow to them, similar to certain cursed objects in Demonologist. Once found, remember the time because you will need to use it later to exorcise the ghost.

Cyclone St. will have two other side objectives, usually catching Orbs, finding dead rats, or reading the Lost Note, and a new task will appear after completing all three objectives. First, players need to find three wall clocks inside the house and set the clocks to the ghost’s time of death. They’re usually in the upstairs bedrooms, the entryway, and the living room, but they can also appear in the basement, which makes them difficult to find because of the dark-colored walls blending with the color of the clock.

A clock will chime three times once all three clocks have been set to the right time to signal that the objective has been completed. The clock numbers are Roman numerals, which is common for clocks, but these clocks use “IIII” for the number 4 instead of “IV.” As a result, the numbers are bunched close together, making the 4 look like 3. If you think you’ve set the clocks to the correct time but aren’t hearing the chimes, recheck your clocks to see if you mistook the 4 for a 3.

Make sure you know how to set an analog clock.

Demonologist’s option to exorcise the ghost is an entirely new feature compared to Phasmophobia’s gameplay Because Demonologist is so similar to Phasmo in many basic game mechanics, it’s reassuring to know developers don’t plan to copy Phasmo entirely as they continue to expand Demonologist in while it’s still in Early Access.

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