June 4, 2023

Wednesday‘s Jenna Ortega becoming Teen Titans’ Raven is DC live-action casting magic, thanks to new stunning fan art. The fan casting could become a reality as DC prepares to reboot the DCEU with James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new DC Universe. With the new universe, many beloved DC characters that did not get their time to shine in the DCEU, such as the Green Lanterns or the Bat-family, will finally get their due. Gunn’s announcement of the lesser-known superhero team The Authority getting a movie is a good thing for the possibility of a more popular team like the Teen Titans being adapted, and, with it, Raven.


On Twitter, digital artist Jaxson Derr imagined what Ortega could look like as Raven in the DC Universe, and the result is pitch-perfect.

Ortega has become one of Hollywood’s most popular young stars, with her role helping Netflix’s Wednesday become the second most watched English-language series in the streamer’s history, only behind the groundbreaking Stranger Things season 4. With Ortega’s popularity at an all-time high, it would be smart for DC to scoop her up to lead one of its projects, and Raven would be the perfect character for the actress.

Why Jenna Ortega As Raven Would Be Perfect For The Teen Titans & The DC Universe

Ortega’s breakout role as Wednesday Addams has made her a household name. The new DC Universe will need to be fresh to shed the image of the controversial DCEU in hopes of avoiding the poor performance of projects such as what recently happened with Shazam! Fury of the Gods, which heavily underperformed at the box office. DC needs to build interest in its universe again, and the casting of an actress like Ortega, who is universally beloved and young enough to play an important character for a decade, would be a great step.

Wednesday features Ortega as its title character, a girl who had a cold attitude toward other people for most of her life but started opening up to a select few while maintaining her dark tastes. The character also deals with a power she does not completely understand. Funny enough, Wednesday’s psychic powers label her as a “raven,” based on her darker views, which appears to be a sign to the potential Ortega could have as DC’s Raven. The DC character and Wednesday share some similarities with the two characters’ dark personas and closed-off emotional nature making it easy for Ortega to seamlessly jump into the DC Universe.

As a popular young talent, Ortega would bring a massive fan following to Gunn’s new DC Universe. While the franchise will undoubtedly want to stand on its own two feet, a few established actors and directors that can help boost initial interest certainly can’t hurt. Raven is one of the most famous members of DC’s Teen Titans, and nailing her casting would be a huge step toward bringing the team to live-action on the big screen.

Source: Jaxson Derr/Twitter

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