June 11, 2023

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Amazon has cut the price of the 2020 Apple MacBook Air to its lowest every price. You can get it for only $800 right now, 20% off its usual $999. MacBooks are notoriously expensive, and not often discounted, so if you’ve been dying to get one, here’s your excuse. This is an awesome MacBook powered by the M1 chip, so don’t wait too long to buy it. It’s flying off the shelves.

Why you should buy the 2020 Apple MacBook Air

Even with the presence of the 2022 Apple MacBook Air, it’s the 2020 Apple MacBook Air that we’ve tagged as the best MacBook in our list of the best laptops. The latest version of the device features a flashier design and more powerful performance with Apple’s M2 chip, but the M1-powered MacBook Air provides amazing value for its price. In our M2 MacBook Air versus M1 MacBook Air comparison, we acknowledge that the 2022 model is a better overall laptop, but the 2020 model remains a worthwhile investment for most people who won’t be pushing the device to its limits, especially with its lower cost.

The 13.3-inch Retina screen of the 2020 Apple MacBook Air will display sharp details and vivid colors, while its battery can last up to 18 hours before you need to plug it in. One of the most interesting characteristics of the laptop is that it’s completely silent, as it doesn’t need any fans inside to keep it cool. This is possible through the efficiency of the M1 chip, so if you’re used to the loud sounds of your current laptop, you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet that you’ll get when using the 2020 Apple MacBook Air.

The 2020 Apple MacBook Air for only $800 is one of the best Apple deals that you can shop right now, but you need to hurry with your purchase if you want to get the $199 discount on the machine’s original price of $999. There’s no telling when the price cut stops, so if you’ve had your eye on MacBook deals for some time, don’t miss this chance to get it for its lowest-ever price on Amazon.

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