June 11, 2023

They’re all terrible in one way or another, but there’s also something very human about their desire to prove themselves. Of the three main kids, Siobhan (Shiv) Roy, played by Sarah Snook, is the one most progressives can get behind. On paper, that is. She has a moral compass, she has a desire to wield her power and fortune for good, but she also knows that kindness doesn’t win in this capitalistic nightmare scenario. If she’s going to play the game, she has to play it dirty.

Which is why it’s no surprise that Snook herself says she wouldn’t want to be friends with Shiv in real life. That’s not to say she doesn’t understand Shiv, or even love her on some level. She did create the character in flesh and blood form after all, but in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar last year, she didn’t dance around the character’s flaws:

“Shiv and I are very different, I think. People tend to say that Matthew (Macfadyen) and I are the least like our characters on set and that makes me happy (laughs) because she’s a lot of hard work. I think I wouldn’t be friends with her in real life. I think Shiv has some redeemable qualities.”

Some of the character’s less redeeming qualities? Well, she’s very manipulative and majorly hypocritical. Shiv is just as power-hungry as her brothers, but often gets held to a higher standard because she’s the sole woman in the group. It might not be fair, but according to Snook, it is a lot of fun to play.

In short, Snook’s relationship with Shiv Roy just proves that while an actor always has to understand and, on some level, love the character they’re playing, that doesn’t mean they have to like them very much. Matter of fact, sometimes those unlikable jerks are the best characters.

“Succession” airs on HBO and streams on HBO Max every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET.

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