June 11, 2023

Between going to class, helping out troubled peers, and solving the mysteries of ancient magic, Hogwarts Legacy keeps players quite occupied – which is why some might not notice the best, most subtle details scattered throughout the game. Not even Revelio will reveal most of these well-hidden secrets, and so only those with a sharp eye or those who explore every nook and cranny of the map will ultimately have the pleasure of stumbling across them. For what they lack in blatancy, though, the best details in Hogwarts Legacy reveal some truly fascinating interactions, tidbits of lore, and more.

Of course, taking place in the same universe as the Harry Potter series, the prequel RPG contains a plethora of references to the books and movies. Even though some of the best Easter eggs in Hogwarts Legacy are easy to miss, players are generally more likely to catch them – especially if they’re familiar with the wizarding world, as they’ll naturally notice any parallels between the two. Meanwhile, they might have a harder time finding the less obvious, smaller details in Hogwarts Legacy, which are unique to the game but equally compelling in their own right.



10 Well, Well, Well Quest

Being by far the most obscure quest in Hogwarts Legacy, “Well, Well, Well” may elude even the most explorative students, and in more than one way at that. Simply obtaining the quest requires speaking to a random well in the Aranshire region, which gives no indication of its sentience unless approached. But the treasure map that it spits up is somehow even more vague, simply pointing to a tree and a crumbling ruin. There is a solution to the puzzle, but it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, and it certainly takes advantage of the smallest of details around the game’s map.

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9 Magical Chess Boards

A player looking down on a chess board in Hogwarts Legacy, which is playing Fools Mate against itself.

Sadly, wizard’s chess isn’t playable in Hogwarts Legacy (apart from in the PlayStation-exclusive “Minding Your Own Business” quest), but there are still abundance of magical chess sets strewn across the school. Playing against itself, each board is unsurprisingly quite efficient, both winning and losing in an infinite, short-lived loop. However, those with a knowledge of chess may notice that the animation actually depicts a legitimate set of moves called Fool’s Mate, which is the fastest possible checkmate in real life – and seemingly in the wizarding world, too. It’s a small, yet thoughtful detail in Hogwarts Legacy that can easily go unnoticed.

8 Mini Quidditch Match

A player standing next to a mini Quidditch pitch with animated mini students in Professor Kogawa's classroom in Hogwarts Legacy.

Headmaster Black’s cancelation of Quidditch is unpopular with in-game students and staff, but it proved to be equally disappointing for some players, who were looking forward to participating in the magical sport. With the announcement of the new standalone game Harry Potter: Quidditch Champions, it looks like fans of the game will be able to quench their thirst eventually, but in the meantime, they can actually watch a miniature match of Quidditch in the RPG itself.

This animated set, which depicts a rather one-sided match between two teams, can be found in Madam Kogawa’s room, but students can also randomly unlock it as a Conjuration for their own Room of Requirement. While it doesn’t make up for the absence of Quidditch entirely, it’s a nice detail in Hogwarts Legacy that many might accidentally overlook.

7 Professor Garlick’s Herbology Award

A player standing and looking at the Herbology Award in the trophy room in Hogwarts Legacy.

From the moment that players meet Herbology Professor Mirabel Garlick, it quickly becomes evident that she’s incredibly skilled, brave, and overall dedicated to her craft. In case they need further proof of her aptitude, though, players can find a Hogwarts Herbology Award dedicated to Professor Garlick in the Trophy Room. A nearby Field Guide page reveals that she was given this award in her seventh year, and that “her work with flora has exceeded all expectations,” making her a testament to both muggleborns and Hufflepuffs alike in this subtle Hogwarts Legacy detail.

6 Zenobia Playing Gobstones

Zenobia crouched on the ground playing Gobstones by herself in Hogwarts Legacy.

One of the first side quests that becomes available to the student is one concerning a young Ravenclaw named Zenobia Noke and her missing Gobstones. If players are feeling generous, they can agree to retrieve the Gobstones, which have been hidden all over the school by some vindictive older students – and from there, they’ll have to decide whether to return them or to keep them for themselves. If they choose to be kind and give them back to Zenobia in the end, players will actually find that she occasionally puts the Gobstones to good use in the Clock Tower Courtyard.

5 The Hogsmeade Musician

A musician in Hogsmeade conducting an small assortment of magical instuments in Hogwarts Legacy.

There are plenty of hidden things to do in Hogwarts Legacy, but one particular interaction is just as wholesome as it is hard to notice. In Hogsmeade, students can run into a street musician named Ernie Lark, who is playing a catchy tune with a single French horn. He’ll kindly ask that they leave a small tip, and if they do so, he’ll thank them for their generosity. However, some players might not notice that each consecutive time they bump into Ernie and leave a tip, he’ll actually come back with an additional instrument in his one-man band.

4 The Giant Squid In The Slytherin Common Room

A player casting a spell at a window in the Slytherin common room as the Giant Squid slaps a tentacle against the glass in Hogwarts Legacy.

The Great Lake is home to some truly majestic aquatic beings, such as merpeople, grindylows, and most infamously, the Giant Squid. The massive creature can at times make an appearance as players fly over the lake, poking its tentacles out of the water in a startling, yet exciting animation. Slytherins get to share slightly more personal interaction with the Giant Squid, though. This hidden Hogwarts Legacy detail is quite rare, but lucky students who repeatedly attack the windows in the Slytherin common room have a chance to anger the Giant Squid, causing it to actually strike back.

3 NPC Reactions To Pajamas

A female student with green hair standing in the Central hall wearing pajamas in Hogwarts Legacy.

One of the best parts about Hogwarts Legacy is the fashion, which lets players express themselves however they please through an extensive collection of clothes, cloaks, and accessories. However, it seems that not everything flies as acceptable outfit, because if the protagonist shows up simply wearing their pajamas, surrounding NPCs will make their judgment known. Ranging from passive-aggressive comments to a hidden dialogue with Professor Sharp, these unexpected reactions are a thoughtful detail in the behavior of Hogwarts Legacy‘s characters. It makes them seem more like real people (if a bit snobbish).

2 Violent, Vengeful Snowmen

A snowman throwing a snowball at a student in Hogwarts Legacy.

Winter is a magical time at Hogwarts, with the cold weather and holiday decor promoting a cozy, cheerful atmosphere. There is, of course, the opportunity for mischief, though, but not without some appropriate consequences. When wandering about the map during wintertime, players may stumble across a snowman or two, and with an array of spells at their disposal, some might be tempted to test their skills.

It’s possible to melt a snowman into a mere pile of slush with a fire-based spell or to conversely freeze it back to life with Glacius, but it seemingly draws the line at the protagonist’s basic attack. When hit with this particular spell, the snowman will get revenge by pulling out a snowball and firing it straight at the player with surprising strength.

1 Niffler & Mandrake Tea Parties

A player looking down at a stuffed Niffler and Mandrake having a tea party in the snow in Hogwarts Legacy.

The best secret detail in Hogwarts Legacy lies in an unexpected and adorable stuffed duo. In various locations across the map, it’s possible to stumble across a pint-sized tea party, its attendants being a toy Niffler and Mandrake. Players can join in and grab a cup of tea for themselves, but it’s a moment they should cherish, as the toys’ tiny nature will make them difficult to spot again. Even so, it’s hard to beat an impromptu tea party with a Niffler and a Mandrake, and so students should keep their eyes peeled for this easy-to-miss detail in Hogwarts Legacy.

Editor’s Note: Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling has been accused of transphobia by those in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling does stand to earn royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for trans rights and that trans identities are valid. Support services are listed below for trans people impacted by discussions of transphobia.

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