May 28, 2023

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. joined Neil Cavuto on FOX News on Saturday morning. This was just days after Robert Kennedy Jr. announced his run for President of the United States.

Robert Kennedy weighed in on the widespread appeal to Donald Trump.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.: I think Donald Trump has this capacity to talk to Americans who are desperate and make them feel like they’re being heard. Some of that is by just having a really good sense for all for all the kind of alchemies of demagoguery… I’m working now on the Norfolk Southern train wreck in East Palestine. And you go to these communities and the desperation there, it’s like what I used to see in developing nations when I was a kid. I mean, our country has really changed in ways that I think Washington is out of touch with. And I think that they don’t feel that they’re representative anymore… People in this country feel they’re being lied to by the media, by the government, by all the institutions that they trusted, and they’re disgusted with them, and they’re done. And when a guy comes along like Donald Trump who says, I’m willing to break things, that appeals to people who feel like this whole system is just rigged against them. And they’re right. It is rigged against them. It’s completely rigged against if you’re poor in this country, you have no participation in the political process…

…All of these trusted institutions of democracy have now been weaponized against the poor, against the middle class in our country. And the people are desperate…

…And Donald Trump comes and says, I’m a guy on a white horse who’s going to look after you, and I’m going to tell the truth about what’s happening. And that has a lot of appeal to people. I think we need to do the same thing in the Democratic Party…

… if you go to these communities, there’s “Trump won” lawn signs on every lawn. People are angry. They’re red angry.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was spot on.

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