June 11, 2023

Mayim Bialik responds to the recent The Big Bang Theory spinoff announcement, addressing the possibility of returning to the role of Amy. As part of HBO Max’s rebranding and renaming, the streaming service shared news about a number of upcoming projects. One of them was a new series set in The Big Bang Theory universe from franchise creator Chuck Lorre. Little is known about the planned series, except that it’s reportedly based on an idea that Lorre pitched to a top executive.

Speaking with E! News, Bialik said that she heard about the Big Bang Theory news just like everyone did. The actor stressed that she doesn’t have any plot information to share, but responded enthusiastically to the possibility of returning as Amy Farrah Fowler. Bialik’s quote is included below:

“If I am, I don’t know it. I got the news like everybody else. We’re all still pretty close, so there was a lot of texting going on. And I asked my agent. He was like, ‘I don’t know.’ I guess no one knows at this point, but I can’t wait to find out.”

“I’ll do anything related to anything like that. But yeah, we really have no idea. So I’m in the same boat as everyone else.”

There’s More Than One Way For Amy To Return In A TBBT Spinoff

It’s unclear if the spinoff will focus on an original character from The Big Bang Theory, a newly-created character, or something between the two. But any of those options could allow for Amy’s return in some capacity. One example is if the new show centers around the children of Leonard and Penny, Howard and Bernadette, and Sheldon and Amy. The original TBBT characters could show up as supporting characters or in small cameo appearances. The recent ’70s Show spinoff, That ’90s Show, followed this template to success and was quickly renewed for season 2.

Another popular candidate is a prequel, in the style of Young Sheldon. But it could be the case that this new Big Bang Theory introduces characters the viewers haven’t met before that run into the original TBBT group. This would be similar to how How I Met Your Father is not strictly a continuation of How I Met Your Mother, but it does feature cameos from the likes of Barney and Robin.

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Bialik, who shared a throwback image of Sheldon and Amy as the spinoff news was announced, is a big part of The Big Bang Theory and it’s only fitting that she’d be considered as a possible choice for a lead. It’s long been reported that producers were open to more TBBT stories after Young Sheldon. When more details are revealed, it seems likely that this closely-watched project will honor the original cast in one way or another.

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