June 9, 2023

What secures the survival and the well-being of a people? What keeps them healthy in body and spirit? What provides them with a sense of meaning and purpose, even destiny? What fills them with a sense of distinctness, a special quality that makes them rise above mere genericity, and what inspires them to rise above the occasion?

A people must understand their evolutionary origins that set them apart from other races. If of a spiritual bent, a people must be bound by the conviction that God created different peoples, and each group is unique in its own way. A people must have a sense of history. Just like every individual has his own unique biography and every family has its own stories, every people need to keep with their own essential memories with its origins, myths, tales, and heroes & villains. Just like it’s tragic for an amnesiac or an Alzheimer patient to be robbed of memory, a people without a historical memory and a deep sense of roots & mythic bonds are truly lost, like a bewildered hiker or navigator without a map-and-compass, no sense of where he came from and where he’s going, and why.

For security-sake, it’s essential that a people lay claim to certain territories as rightfully theirs. A people without a country are like a man without a home: Doomed to wander as nomads. There’s a difference between a traveler and a nomad. A traveler has a home to return to in the end, like Odysseus.
In contrast, a nomad is a chronic wanderer. Steve Martin’s character in PLANES, TRAINS, AND AUTOMOBILES has a home and a family waiting for him, whereas John Candy’s character is always on the road, condemned to drift from place to place.

Furthermore, as no one lives forever, a people must produce new generations, and this requires the union of Man and Woman. To preserve the unique features and forms of a people, most of the sexual unions must be among the men and women of the group. Excessive miscegenation leads to something like the mulatto-mestizos of Latin America, confused populations with a weak sense of who or what they are.

In addition, to ensure the synthesis of identity, history, and territory, there must be a proper sense of authority, a concentration of power, that works to lead, represent, defend, and preserve the people and culture. Without these support systems, a people’s the viability of long-term survival comes into doubt.
It’s like there’s no guarantee that a chair with four wobbly legs will remain standing. If a horse with one broken leg is useless, imagine a horse with four broken legs. What happens to a building when its columns or support beams are compromised? The whole thing is on the verge of collapse. Indeed, the bigger the structure, the stronger its support system must be. Bigger they are, either the firmer they stand or the harder they fall.

Now, it’s possible for a people/culture to survive without all the supports. Jews certainly did for nearly two thousand years without a homeland to call their own, and Kurds continue as a people & culture despite dispersions among several non-Kurd-majority nations like Turkey, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and etc.
In the case of the Jews, their magic formula was the Covenant, which went beyond mere identity, territory, and history. The Covenant created a spiritual bond between Jewish Blood and Heavenly Spirit. It meant that wherever Jews were, whatever straits they found themselves in, and however downtrodden they may be, they are the Chosen People favored by the true God. The fact that Jews survived over the millennia despite innumerable setbacks(and even loss of territory) is a testament to the power of bonding blood with spirit. Still, Jews are a historical outlier.

At any rate, while there’s much to learn from the Jewish Example, one should never heed Jewish advice as the essence of Jewishness is to maximize its own tribal power, wealth, influence, and control at the expense of goyim. If something works great for Jews, Jews will recommend the opposite to the goyim. Jews are smart in their deviousness. If gold is buried in spot A, of course it makes sense for Jews to tell others it’s buried in spot B… or C or D or E. It’s like the Vikings who settled in Iceland wanted it for themselves. So, they gave it the forbidding name of ‘Iceland’ to keep others away while naming ‘Greenland’ a far less hospitable land mass. Likewise, Jews want to hoard their own ‘Iceland’ for themselves while recommending the metaphorical ‘Greenland’ for goyim.

For most peoples around the world, the failure to secure one of the pillars of peoplehood is akin to being a Paralympian than an Olympian. It’s like competing with a missing arm or leg or with a broken spine. Such peoples must hobble through history always at a disadvantage vis-a-vis others with sturdier, sounder, and more complete support systems. An engine running on all six cylinders has more kick than one running on three. Jewish Power, in bad faith, is urging others to tie one hand behind their back and jump around on one foot. Some rabid and virulent Jewish Supremacists go further and urge upon goyim to lop off their limbs. Jews would have goyim, especially white goyim, turn into Boxing Helena.

Still, a people with one or two cylinders running are better off than a people with all cylinders dead. The rule of history is that a people with essential support systems, no matter how poor and backward, are better positioned to survive into the future than a people who, no matter how well-fed and affluent, have been robbed of their support systems.
For example, compare the Palestinians and Anglo-Canadians. The latter enjoy much better living standards than the tragic Arabs living under Zionist occupation and tyranny. But, whereas Palestinians doggedly cling to their pride of identity and sense of history(and totally believe in the rightness of their cause and see Jews for what they are) despite their loss of territory, Anglo-whites in Canada have no pride of identity, no sense of history, and no claim of territory.

Indeed, for Globo-Anglos in the Current Year, nothing is conceivably more evil than the idea of white authority/power in service of white interests. Even as a defeated people, Palestinians know what they are and do what they must to survive. In contrast, despite their material affluence and social advantages, the Anglos of Canada have zero defense systems against the Great Replacement(or White Nakba) and, if anything, believe the evil of whiteness must be erased by Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, or D.I.E.

So, whereas Palestinians struggle to remain Palestinians year after year, Anglos grow ever weaker in Canada. It’s the case in all of Anglosphere, and Germanosphere as well, as the Northern European stock is now totally mind-controlled by Jews-as-their-masters.


If, as the video shows, Jews and blacks are such natural allies while Whites(and presumably Arabs) suck so bad, why don’t most Jews just move to Black Africa? They can have a wonderful future in places like the New South Africa. Just Jews and Blacks, no whites(those damned Anti-Semites and Racists) anywhere in sight

Of course, Jews sought to mind-trick the Palestinians as well. Zionists argued there’s no such thing as a Palestinian people, Palestinian culture, or Palestinian history. Jews said it’s all just a ‘social construct'(but for some reason, we are to believe Zionism is so self-evident that it has the right to destroy the natives of Palestine to make room for Euro-Israel dominated by Ashkenazim). Palestinians refused the vile Jewish Supremacist bait, but whites not only took it but swallowed it whole hog as good medicine… only to have the hook stuck inside their now fatally torn intestines.

Jewish Supremacists rule the world and seek to undermine and invalidate any concept of White Property or White Possession. White Dispossession is the name of the game. This is why Jewish Master Racists attack the very notion of whiteness. If whiteness is a valid category, then whites would have reasons to defend their identity, heritage, history, territory, wealth, authority, and power. But if whiteness is invalid, just some ‘racist’ construct or at best a figment of the imagination, then whites have no unique, special, and/or commanding claim to anything. Minus such conviction, whites don’t deserve anything as a people, not least because even their peoplehood is devoid of legitimacy.

Of course, whites as individuals can own stuff, even lots of stuff(like Bill Gates or Warren Buffett), but there is nothing that whites as a race, culture, or people can have, defend, and preserve as their own. The politically correct mantra of Diversity really means that anything white can be claimed and taken by nonwhites? (It’s like Asian-Indians as individuals could gain wealth under British Imperialism, but they, as a people, could not claim India as a national entity independent of Rule Britannia).

It’s akin to conditions of slavery, at least on the legal and psychological level(as whites aren’t literally slaves). Consider blacks in the American South in the slavery period. Not all blacks had to pick cotton from sunup to sundown. Some black slaves could learn a craft and earn money(even save enough to purchase their own freedom). But no matter how much they earned(and even upon gaining freedom), it was virtually forbidden for them to think that they deserved or owned anything as a collective, as a people. For blacks, wealth and freedom were just individual matters. Some blacks could do pretty well as individuals and some could be legally free, but they could not be empowered as an united BLACK people.

Today, Jews use a similar strategy on whites as soul-slaves of the Zionic Tribe. Jeff Bezos and Tim Cook are among the richest whites in the world, but their wealth is purely an individual matter. They can spend it on themselves and their close ones but never ever for white interests.

But then, as people aren’t mere individuals but long for membership in a larger community, what can rich whites do to show they aren’t just in it for themselves? There are three choices: (1) The cult of liberty called Libertarianism, a soulless ideology about ‘muh freedom’ that only further atomizes the white race and separates rich whites from whites with less (2) The Approved Tribalism or Idolatry of Jews, blacks, and homos — even though Identity is generally denied to most groups, especially whites and Palestinians, it is not only tolerated but celebrated among Jews, blacks, and homos as the three magical groups (3) Mania for Diversity and Inclusion, which means rich whites should care about nonwhites around the world and welcome them into the West, not least to snub and replace ‘racist’ whites.

Is it any wonder that Jews(who are only 2% of the US population), blacks(who are 13% of the population), and homos(who are only 2.5% of the population) have more authority than whites? Jews can coordinate for Jewish Power. Blackness has been consecrated, i.e. merely the ‘virtue’ of being black makes one holy. Globo-Homo is now celebrated, and an entire month is reserved for Limp-Wristianity or Queertianity as replacement for Christianity. And even though the identities of Mestizos, Asians, Arabs, etc. aren’t especially prized in the West, they have prestige as ‘immigrants’ bearing the wonderful gift of Diversity, further pushing whites to the back of the bus. (Of course, no one asks why people from Latin America must come to the US for a better life when their own countries are plenty diverse. Why has Diversity failed to do its magic for Latin America? Does Diversity become magic only when whites in the West are on the verge of losing their majority status? Odd how that works.)

Anyway, the Jewish-War-on-Whiteness(or J-WOW) and the ensuing White Dispossession allow Jews to lay claim to and possess just about anything that once belonged to the white world. Nothing white is deemed sacred or priceless. Jews look upon the white world as a Jewish pawnbroker looks upon property. They are all trinkets for the taking. Everything white has a price tag and can be bought or sold by Jews, the masters of finance, or just grabbed by illegal invaders and black looters.

Of course, Syrians face a similar hell. Jewish-controlled US foreign policy led to the military occupation of entire swaths of Syrian territory. The way Jews see it, Syria doesn’t belong to Syrians, and Jews use their goy military puppets to invade and occupy any piece of foreign territory at whim. Currently, Syrians don’t even have access to their own oil due to Jewish-directed US intervention. And of course, Palestinians in the West Bank remain silenced by the Jewish-run media while yet another piece of their territory is gobbled up by Jewish invader-settlers. Jews look upon all the goy world as their oyster or goyster.

Since whiteness is an evil notion, the idea of White Territory is intolerable. Whites have no territory to call their own. All of the West must be on the auction block. It is to be sold and bought. It’s no wonder nonwhite Hindus are the biggest owners of property in the London area in a fallen nation that, more or less, belongs to Jewish oligarchs. Worse, any bunch of nonwhites can trample into white lands because Jewish-controlled globalism(the current ideology of the West) says Europeans don’t even own the identity or meaning of European-ness. Anyone can become ‘European’ because globalism defines ‘European-ness’ as the celebration of Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity.

So, while white as individuals can own lots of private property all over the world, there isn’t a single square inch in the world to designate as a collective White Territory. Jewish supremacists who rule the West insist that whiteness is an evil that must be eradicated, and therefore, nothing can be claimed in the name of whiteness. White people must live merely as a generic populace or deracinated individuals in service to Jewish Identity, homo/afro idolatry, and globalist ideology.

Of course, Viktor Orban disagrees and says Hungary is the sacred birth-and-burial ground for Hungarians. Jewish supremacists cannot tolerate this. Not because Hungary itself is an important and consequential nation in the literal sense — it is a middle-income country with population of mere ten million — but because its European-and-Christian-centered nationalism, in rejecting the entire paradigm of the Jew-World-Order, may inspire whites around the world to think outside the Jewish Box and say NO to Jewish Supremacism in the name of White Liberation. To Jewish Supremacists, the Hungarian example is akin to Palestinians saying Palestine is their homeland on the basis of identity, history, and territory. True, Jews also have historical roots in the Holy Land, but Jewish Megalomania now lays claim to all of the West that rightfully and racially belongs to whites.

For Jewish supremacists, the idea that white women belong with white men to have white kids in order to preserve the white race is also evil. As whiteness is just a figment of ‘racist’ fantasy, white women are mere a sexual commodity to be traded around the world. The ‘shikses’ are whores for Jewish merchants and ho’s for black men. Judeo-centrists say there is no deep and meaningful bond between white men and white women because whiteness is just garbage cooked up by ‘racists’. Jewish Power insists on white wombs being colonized by black men.

It’s all very odd. On the one hand, Jews and blacks impugn whiteness as just worthless garbage, but they seem obsessed with white beauty that is the product of tens of thousands of evolution whereby white men mated with white women. If Jews and blacks see nothing special about whiteness, why do THEY lay claim to a kind of beauty that is unique to whites?
Of course, the black threat is especially damaging to whites because of the Jungle Fever factor. Even with anti-whiteness in full force in media and academia, most white women generally don’t venture sexually outside whiteness. But, black men are an exception to this rule because they’re better at sports, can holler & sing louder, and have bigger dongs.

Indeed, even when the West was ‘racist’ and enforced taboos against miscegenation in the past, some white women went with black men because of the sheer force of jungle fever. In our times when Jews control the ideology(propaganda) & idolatry(marketing) and outright promote Jungle Fever and encourage millions of black Africans to move to the West, ACOWW or Afro-Colonization of White Wombs is an existential threat to the white race. It effectively turns white women into ‘mudsharks’ and reduces white men into ‘jellyfish’, resulting in the erasure of European uniqueness as the white race is mulatto-ized and claimed by blackness that, contra whiteness, is much celebrated and even sacralized in the Jew-World-Order.

The way Jews see it, Jewish Supremacism depends on white submission, and there is no better way to reinforce white obeisance than by breaking the sacred bond between white men and white women with Jungle Fever. Today, cuckenized white men celebrate the fact that white women reject them and go with blacks. Jews brainwashed white males into believing that black sexual imperialism and white sexual defeat are synonymous with ‘anti-racism’ when, in fact, it’s premised on black men being superior to white men, i.e. it’s all about racial-sexual differences.

Of course, it could be a case of White Male Cope. Since they are losing white women to black men and can’t do anything about it, they pretend they are letting it happen of their own accord out of racial magnanimity or commitment to combating ‘racism’. So, even though white women are being taken away from white men, white men pretend they are giving their women away out of free will. It’s like the landlord in THE GODFATHER PART 2 who complies with Vito Corleoene’s request out of fear but pretends it’s out of the goodness of his heart.

In the Jew-World-Order, there can be no such thing as White History, yet another essential pillar or support system lost for the white race. Indeed, Jews insist White History never existed because whiteness was always a fantasy of ignorance + supremacism and nothing else. Kids nowadays are told Greeks and Romans weren’t white. TV shows pretend that Iceland and Sweden were always ‘multicultural’, meaning multi-racial. Supposedly, blacks always roamed around Britain and France. No wonder so many new movies and TV shows about European lore and history are filled with blacks and nonwhites.
And, even if certain parts of Europe were indeed all-white for all of their history, how terrible indeed, therefore in need of being remedied with wonders of fantasy-diversity. It’s as if such ‘unfortunate’ whites were trapped inside the cave of white lameness and must be retrofitted with fantasy-diversity. If your culture was lacking in diversity-in-reality, the deficit can be made up partly by diversity-in-fantasy. As diversity is so wondrous, all Europeans must fantasize that their ancestors and heroes were black even if such weren’t the case.

As for the politics of white authority or white power, “NO WAY” say the Jews. Whiteness is ‘racist’, therefore any power or authority centered on serving white identity and interests is totally anathema to all that is good. So, while white individuals can make lots of money and work for powerful institutions, they must never think white or serve white interests. They must serve lofty ideals such as ‘diversity’, ‘inclusion’, and ‘equity’…. though for some reason, they must also serve Jews and blacks and homos as the Holy Three despite tribalism being wrong.

This is why whites are now powerless. Even though whites are still numerous in the West, have lots of wealth, seen as attractive/desirable, and are well-represented in elite institutions, whites are powerless as a race because even the most successful white individuals can never ever serve or defend whiteness but must serve ‘woke’ ideology or the idolatry of the holy three: Jews, blacks, and homos. If Bill Gates were to donate a measly $100 to Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance, the full force of Jewish Supremacism and its white cuck-collaborators, what with their total grip on elite power, will pounce on him at once and destroy his reputation, connections, and wealth. Also, the courts will dig up anything to bring him down as so-called ‘justice’ is just a gangsterist lawfare arm of the Jews.

Whites today are like horses. Horses are big powerful beasts but powerless as horses because they’ve been trained to serve humans. No matter how powerfully they run and do their horsey things, it’s never for horse-sake but for human-sake. Whites are now essentially saddled horses of Jewish cowboys.

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