May 28, 2023

Investing in a MacBook Pro is a good idea for anyone who needs an impressive laptop to meet their day to day needs, from students, to professionals, to creatives and everyone in between, but the price alone can be prohibitive for a lot of people. While it’s rare to see discounts from Apple directly, B&H has several MacBook Pro models featuring Apple’s M1 chip available at up to $1,500 off right now. Some items have already begun to sell out, so we recommend making your purchase sooner rather than later.

MacBooks consistently land among some of our favorite laptops out there — and while the release of the M2 chip means the M1 lineup is no longer the latest on the market, they’re still a great option, especially if you’re a budget-conscious buyer. Check out our breakdown where we compare the latest Apple Mac chips if you want to learn more about the differences in each model.

If you’re looking for the lowest price on the 2021 MacBook Pro, this 14.2-inch MacBook Pro with a 10-core M1 Pro Chip is discounted by $500 right now, which brings the cost down to just $1,999. That’s a solid price, especially because this model comes with 1TB of storage and 16GB of RAM, which is plenty of space for the average user. However, if you need a powerhouse that can handle even more, you can upgrade to a model with the M1 Max chip, 2TB of storage and 64GB of RAM for just $900 more, meaning you’ll pay just $2,899 and will save $1,200 on the list price.

Of course, if you’re setting up a daily workspace and don’t need the easy portability of the smaller model, it may be worth it to splurge on the 16.2-inch MacBook Pro. All three discounted models sport the M1 Max Chip, with the cheapest option available for $2,799 — that’s a $700 discount. It has 1TB of storage and 32GB of RAM. Or grab the 4TB, 64GB version for $3,699, which saves you $1,200. And if you’re looking for the most powerful specs, you can save a whopping $1,500 on the 8TB model right now, meaning you’ll spend less than five grand — $4,699 to be exact — to get your hands on a laptop with enough onboard storage to handle massive professional creative projects. 

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