June 5, 2023

Late last week, Russian sources posted this unassailable proof of the presence of NATO forces in Ukraine. 


I mean, listen to it. You have to listen to it. It’s not as bad as, “Hello NATO troop, we need to move our NATO tank to support Ukraine. You ready for this NATO action?” But … it’s pretty close. It’s like a bad (or good?) Borat bit. For a country that used propaganda so effectively to help get Donald Trump elected, it’s a wonder at how bad they are at it—and consistently so!

Remember the towed tank, in reverse? 

That was so amateurish that there is a watermark from Clideo, which has a reverse-image feature and sticks the watermark on free uses of the service. Also, there’s a Ukrainian tanker sitting and looking out in the direction of actual movement. Also, this particular T-90A was photographed and catalogued as abandoned by Oryx. None of this should’ve been controversial. But Russian cope is real. 

Even better, remember the faked evidence in a supposed foiled murder attempt of Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov? 


The intelligence officer was asked to put three cell phone SIM cards in the pile of supposed evidence, and the dumbass literally used three copies of the video game “The SIMS.” 

That wasn’t all. The signature in the card below? Literally says “signature illegible.” 


The agent was asked to sign a Nazi card, but make the signature an illegible scrawl. They also had supposed Molotov cocktails … in plastic bottles. And not only was the agent stupid enough to make these hilarious mistakes, but presumably several layers of superiors all failed to catch these obvious gaffes. 

I mean, if nothing else, “Uh, why are there video games in this pile? Are they Nazi video games?” 

I mean, even the whole “Ukraine is Nazi and must be ‘denazified’” propaganda is so hilariously bad that the Russian regime can barely be bothered to keep up appearances. After numerous attempts to try and define it, the best Russia managed was, “Nazism is hatred for Russia.” That’s why they eventually moved on to “desalinization,” though that hasn’t gotten much further. 

What about “combat mosquitoes.” Remember those? This was Russia’s permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, at an official meeting of that group:

“According to the description, such a drone transports a container with a large number of mosquitoes, the carriers of infections, to a targeted area and releases them.

While biting, mosquitoes infect people with pathogens of particularly dangerous diseases. The explanation directly emphasises that an infected serviceman will be unable to perform the tasks assigned to him, to conclude “the disease can be a more valuable military tool than the most modern weapons and military equipment.”

It is noted that “such an infection among enemy servicemen would have a significant military effect”.

The laughter was so intense that I don’t think we ever heard about these combat mosquitoes ever again. Ukraine’s response was hilarious: 

Combat mosquitoes, dirty bombs. It is already too late to treat patients there. They should be put and isolated in the chamber called Russia.

It’s amazing, given how bad Russia has been in justifying its invasion, that there’s still a cadre of Tankies out there willing to carry the Kremlin’s water. Though on that front …

I wonder how they’ll take the loss of their beloved Tucker Carlson. 

Another K2 video has dropped.

Hands down, the best videos of the war. The sound is fake but adds such realism to the video, much better than the usual blaring music. 

The prequel to that video is here. Note that these are all graphic. 


Heck yeah!

It’s exciting seeing all this new hardware in the hands of trained Ukrainians. There’s a lot riding on this spring offensive. They are drilling, drilling, drilling, likely waiting for the ground to dry, and for the proper “shaping the battlefield” conditions to be met. HIMARS has been working enemy rear positions and ammo dumps all across the front line. 

People are all excited about this: 

Great thread. In short, the U.S. seems to have transferred to Ukraine a BRAND NEW air defense integrated control center that connects all their air defense systems into one unified system. And there are hints that the Ukraine and the U.S. have managed to plug in their legacy Soviet-era systems, as well. 

So many people are complaining about the lack of new tanks, planes, and other heavy equipment in recent arms shipments. But what everyone seems to have decided is that Ukraine has enough hardware, and it now needs the ammunition and integrative systems to deploy these new assets effectively. 

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