June 5, 2023

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Prismarine in Minecraft Legends is a vital resource for players who need to collect as much as possible to provide upgrades to take down Piglin forces. In addition, various resources are required for players to upgrade allies and structures and progress the story in Minecraft Legends. Other resources, such as Redstone and Coal in Minecraft Legends, are also common, but more Prismarine needs to be collected to build the best structures.

Minecraft Legends revolves around building resources, finding the most powerful allies, and exploring while taking down Piglin Outposts. Prismarine is one of the key resources dropped from Piglin structures that can be used to upgrade players’ structures. These structures can provide players with new abilities and powers to help them on their journey. Prismarine is also one of the key resources required to build Wellhouses that can be used for fast travel. Players will need to increase their inventory space in Minecraft Legends to build up their resources.


How To Get Prismarine Fast

The easiest way to find Prismarine is by destroying structures and buildings within Piglin Outposts. From the early stages of Minecraft Legends, players will spend a large portion of their time attacking Piglin bases, from easy-to-conquer outposts to end-game battles that can last several in-game days.

For each individual structure that is destroyed, Prismarine is dropped, but it will disappear if not collected quickly.

Bases that contain Nether portals can be defeated if players destroy the portals, with all the other structures in the outpost automatically collapsing. Players can also earn resources, including Prismarine, by defending villages that come under attack from the Piglin’s. These happen at random daily and offer another avenue for players to add the vital resource. After defending a village, players can be rewarded with resources, including Prismarine.

How To Find Prismarine In Chests

Minecraft Legends Player Opening a chest

The other way players can earn more Prismarine is by opening Chests which can be found randomly as players explore the world. While chests offer no guarantees, they will provide a selection of resources, such as Lapis in Minecraft Legends, and can also include Prismarine, so each should be opened.

Resources are vital for players to have any chance of success in Minecraft Legends. The easiest way for players to build up a large amount of Prismarine is by taking down as many Piglin bases as possible.

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